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I remember discussing that the 2016 film was a failure as we know. I also questioned throwing so many projects out (cartoons , more films) 2-3 years after a failed film didn't make sense. Did they ever do those animated films they announced or have they just concentrated on this one ?
I'm mostly teasing you.

Ecto Force was slotted for 2018 but has been delayed, with some insiders saying it's cancelled. IDW artists were contacted in 2018 and 2019 for some pre-vis work and Ron McPherson was contracted for logos. Ghost Corps via Ivan Reitman said Ecto Force is on hold because they are pooling their resources for the animated movie. Which had the biggest change/development ...

It was pushed to 2021, a year later, to give the live-action film room but also because the new animation team is the Into the Spider-verse group. The delay also accounts for the Spider-verse sequel that I guess is underway. The new animated GB might share the style of Spider-verse and Ivan has said it till be from the POV of a ghost.