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    Default CBR Relaunch of the Ultimate Universe

    Relaunch the Ultimate universe. What are the ongoing titles, whats your premise and who are the creative teams?
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    Ultimate Squadron Supreme

    creative team: a writer who doesn't approach it with the perspective of the squadron being losers and an artist like Clay Mann or Gary Frank. or just get the original creative team behind MAX Supreme Power.

    same premise

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    Ultimate New Warriors

    I already did this in the 'revamp a hero' thread. basically, I targeted the areas where the original concept was weak. it's alright to go after low level threats. but no comic is going to last long when the 'villains' are boring. so just give them and the warriors makeovers. instead of a formal Psionix group, there'd be an evil corporation routinely creating threats (through human experimentation) to humanity that the Warriors have to deal with. those individual characters could stand to be fleshed out individually (and be less 90s). i'd probably change Speedball (Collider or Blur) and Night Thrasher's (probably Nightwatch) codenames. i'd tie Dwayne's origins/Tai/that cult to Kun Lun (have it be a rogue sect like they did with Colleen Wing on Netflix). i'd change Namorita's name to Kymaera and have her be a regular young woman experimented on by Lemuel Dorcas in an attempt to create a weapon using Atlantean DNA. Vance and Angel would be pretty much the same as they are in the main universe. i'm not a fan of Rage (mostly because of his origin). and I hate Donyell. so i'd probably roll them into one character; have Don be a large framed individual trained/given the mission to kill Dwayne if he doesn't go along w/ the cult's plans. he would still be Dwayne's half-brother but would have been deprived of the comfort that wealth brings to harden him. he'd be a lot like the MCU version of Killmonger; just bigger. i'll stop there because I did a lengthy version in the other thread.

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    I'd probably take a page out of Justice league Gods and Monsters, creating a new world with new faces underneath the mantles.

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    Ultimate Cap: Jason Aaron and David Marquez. Ultimate Cap would be Black this time because honestly...who would try an untested formula on a white person first. Formula works but is lost so America is stuck with the epitome of American a Black man. Red Skull would be full Nazi and thus disgusted by this notion. American soldiers would be disgusted by this notion as well but Cap would win them over (while having to enduring the ever present snide comment). Gets frozen and wakes up in 2019.

    Ultimate Blue Marvel: Same origin, gets told by JFK to retire after the world finds out he's Black. Leaves for space and has adventures (told in flashbacks). Comes back to earth because a huge threat is coming but finds earth is NOT ready...maybe because the message he sent was destroyed/delayed. Now working to prepare a planet already fractured with internal strife for a enemy that will steamroll Earth.

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    I've been thinking of this question. The line should be kept small, no more than four books.

    The Ultimates
    Writer: Simon Spurrier, Artist: Joe Bennet
    This was probably the most important ultimate title, and one that has a decent story engine, exploring the government's top superteam.

    Ultimate Black Panther
    Writer: Saladin Ahmed, Artist: Christian Ward
    With Black Panther's massive box office success, and a shortage of Ultimate universe adventures, it makes sense to go for accessible adventures, so this title makes sense. It would be a series with an outsider's perspective.

    Ultimate Captain Marvel
    Writer: Sloane Leong, Artist: Russel Dautermann
    The rationale is similar as with Black Panther. It allows for an exploration of a different corner of the Marvel Universe.

    Ultimate Runaways
    Writer: Ales Kot, Artist: Kris Anka
    If I was an editor, I'd go with the best pitch for the fourth title. Runaways cold work as a book with a different energy than the other series exploring the new generation of heroes.

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    I have some ideas, but it depends: Is it a reboot or a direct continuation of where Ultimate was last time?

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    Oh, well, this is probably my only chance to get the idea for Ultimate Young Avengers that I came up with in a very particular point in 2013. I just dug up a very old google doc, so I might have some alterations to make lol.

    Ultimate Young Avengers / Young Ultimates

    The twist is basically that each seems on the surface like one of the OG Young Avengers, but is actually the Ultimate version of a different character. Which itself is a twist on the original Young Avengers premise.

    "Wiccan" – the ultimate version of Uriel, of the Apocalypse Twins. (I guess they were the only other twins I could think of. Notes say I was imagining them as the children of Ult. Apocalypse and the Scarlet Witch. Sure, I guess, why not)
    "Hulkling" – the Ultimate version of Skaar; in this iteration, he's the child of Hulk and Zarda of Earth-31916 (following up on them hooking up in that one annual)
    "Iron Lad" – the Ultimate version of Spitfire/Jennifer Swann of Newuniversal (My old notes say Nightmask, which seems random, so I'm revising it)
    "Patriot" – the Ultimate mashup of Sin and the Winter Soldier; secret grandchild of Ultimate Captain America. (riffing on the secret grandchild element of Eli)

    "Iron Lad" would assemble the group in an attempt to head of a foretold "Black Event".

    Apparently I never figured out my takes on Stature and new Hawkeye for this. Off the top of my head, Stature would be ... Ultimate Kamala Khan (Not an answer I could have given in 2013, but...) Hawkeye would be, uh... the Ultimate version of Arwyn from Crossgen's Sojourn?

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    Ultimate Spider-Man HAS to be Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman
    Wally West deserved better than Heroes in Crisis

    Pull List:




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    Quote Originally Posted by Denirac View Post
    Ultimate Spider-Man HAS to be Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman
    I'm not sure I'd be feeling that. Unless Cates has been hiding a talent for charming and heartwarming teenage hijinks.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Denirac View Post
    Ultimate Spider-Man HAS to be Donny Cates and Ryan Stegman
    An Ultimate Peter Parker book could be interesting. What's he been up to? Though it would be weird to have someone other than Bendis write the character.

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    I've had some thoughts on this in the past and honestly I would kind of stick with the status quo the UU was wrapping up with.
    • A College-Aged Peter Parker would now be the new Captain America.
    • New Avengers are comprised of Captain America (Peter Parker), Thor, Spider-Woman, Cloak & Dagger, Johnny Storm, & Ben Grimm.
    • Tony Stark has retired as Iron Man and is now Director of SHIELD.
    • Secret Warriors team comprised of Nick Fury, Susan Storm, Hulk, Hawkeye, and Falcon.
    • X-Men reformed with Kitty Pryde/Shroud as the leader.
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    I would relauch it as a Spider-Man Life Story kind of thing.
    But instead of a mini covering 60 years, it would be ongoings with each arc covering one decade.
    Also it wouldn't necessary stick to the same characters all the way, since some would die or retire.

    Ultimate Avengers by Christopher Priest
    I think Priest is a better fit for more "realistic" universes like the Wildstorm-verse or the Ultimate Universe than he is for traditional super heroes stories.
    In Ultimate Avengers, he could go all the way with heroes facing the grim and gritty reality.

    Ultimate X-Men by Ta-Nehisi Coates
    He loves bringing politics in his comics, so he would do a good job using the context of every decade in his stories. The only problem is, he would have to write something less decompressed than usual.

    Ultimate Fantastic Four by Si Spurrier
    The guy has so many crazy ideas popping out of his head, I'm sure he would be awesome on the FF.

    Ultimate Journey Into Mystery by Al Ewing
    That would be a comics about the mystic/horror/fantasy side of the Marvel Universe. Brother Voodoo, the Bloodstone family, Fin Fang Foom... Al Ewing would be able to go crazy here, and use the most bizarre Marvel characters only he ever heard about.

    Ultimate Marvel Knights by Greg Rucka
    The street heroes of the Ultimate Universe. How they fit in a world with super powers.
    Bringing back the old, killing the young: that's the Marvel way

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    Ultimate X-Men

    W: Cullen Bunn
    A: Ken Lashley

    Bunn can actually do dark and gray X-Men in a non-obnoxious and pretentious try hard way. No incest, no angst. I also think he and Lashley make fire together.

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