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    Quote Originally Posted by Inversed View Post
    I don't even think its necessarily the Shonen trope inversion the reason why he's so popular, I think it's mainly the Vegeta/Sasuke approach, that anime/manga fans just REALLY love the a-hole rivals. Given characters like those's popularity, Bakugo's isn't a surprise in that aspect, I just mostly mean I'm always surprised those characters are so popular in general because they've never been of my personal taste. Vegeta and Bakugo are at their best to me when used for comedic effect, and I've only been able to actually stand Sasuke in Boruto, when he's effectively a different character.
    Now that you say that I can see that too

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    While there isn't a new chapter this week, there is a 2-part tie-in story to Heroes Rising called "Deku & Bakugo Rising" that was released that's mostly just a small cute little story with Midoryia & Bakugo before the events of the main story, with some slight teasing regarding the events of the movie.

    During their 2nd year of middle school, Midoryia picks up a hero magazine at the mall when he runs into Bakugo and some other classmates. They berate him for thinking about being a hero, when they suddenly come across a mysterious shifty villain stealing bags from people. Bakugo tries to go after and fight it, when it dispurtes itself into clouds to try and disappear. Before he can land a hit, a huge storm commences causing the villain to escape. Once the storm stops, Bakugo immediately starts chasing after to find the villain, while Midoryia believes he knows what the villain's quirk really is.

    Bakugo continues looking for the villain, with Midoryia chasing after as well. Bakugo notices Midoryia running and looking around but pays it no mind. Thinking harder about it, he realizes his quirk isn't cloud-related, but in fact sand, and that he had turned to mud in the storm. Going back to where he was before, Bakugo prepares to fight it again, only to be intercepted by Buster Hero Air Jet, who deals with the threat, to Bakugo's obvious annoyance. Midoryia meets back up with them, and to himself compliments Bakugo on being so smart and strong despite being a jerk. Meanwhile, Bakugo realizes Midoryia was looking around because he realized the villain's quirk was sand first, enraging him again. Lastly, it's revealed the storm was the product of Nine, who possessed a weather controlling quirk, and after reconnecting with his teammates, mentions how his quirk went out of his control so needs to find another quirk that can help control his power.
    end of spoilers
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