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    Default Someone explain the Morbius movie to me

    I love Morbius, he's one of my favorite characters in comics. I think he would great as a supporting character or as a villain in either a Spiderman or a good Marvel movie.

    But why is Sony making this Morbius movie? I understood the Venom movie, I was sort of excited for the Black Cat and Silver Sable movies. But Morbius?

    My only theory is that Avi Arad is a Morbius fan, because he was also executive producer of Spiderman: The Animated Series. As all good Marvel fans will remember, this was the series that gave us the Morbius with suckers on his fucking hands. As all of us remember, this was so much more horrifying than what was in the comic.

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    Morbius is a character who had a solo book before. Sony is in an awkward position where they need to find Spider-Man properties that aren't Spider-Man. Characters who have had solo books are the easiest choices. Morbius is one of those.
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    Easily marketable, Living vampire hunting other vampires. That movie writes itself.
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