View Poll Results: Who was the first "Huntress" you ever read about in a comic book?

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  • Golden Age Huntress (later named "Paula Brooks"), 1st seen in Sensation Comics #68 (August 1947)

    6 8.00%
  • Huntress from Atlas Comics / Seaboard, 1st (and only?) appearance in The Destructor #3 (June 1975)

    0 0%
  • pre-CoIE Earth-1 Huntress - 1st appeared in Batman Family #7 (September-October 1976)

    0 0%
  • Barbara "Bobbi" Morse, appeared as "Huntress" in Marvel Super Action #1 (January, 1976)

    0 0%
  • pre-CoIE Helena Wayne (Earth-2) - 1st appearances DC Super Stars #17 (November/December 1977)

    27 36.00%
  • Helena Bertinelli (post-CoIE version), 1st appearance in The Huntress #1 (April 1989)

    37 49.33%
  • Carol Danvers (Amalgam Comics version of Huntress) in Legends of the Dark Claw #1 (April, 1996)

    0 0%
  • (New52) Helena Wayne (post-Flashpoint Earth 2 version) - 1st appeared in Huntress #1 (December 2011)

    5 6.67%
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    Helena Bertinelli, I picked up her original series in 1989 and I followed her as a character ever since. I hope she comes back as a regular character eventually.

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    I may have seen her in JLU and did in YJ cartoon first, but the couldn't tell you anything about her from those. First one I read in comic book was Helena Bertinelli in Robin regular series (reading backissues). I particularly remember her from showing up as a teacher. I then read Nightwing and BoP up until 2002, so would have seen her during No Man's Land, but can't recall in which title (I didn't read the actual Batman title of the era). I did later start her 1989 series. I can't remember if I finished it - "suggested for mature readers" is, alas, not really my taste, even though I recall thinking it was pretty well crafted (except La Bruja). I may have stuck it out, since I'm pretty sure I made it to issue #16.

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    Pre-CoIE Helena Wayne (Earth-2, for me.
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    I started reading comics in the 90s, so the post-Crisis version was the first I saw.

    I later picked up some back issues, including all of COIE, which is the first time I ever saw the pre-Crisis version. I also have an old JLofA issue with a JSA crossover from pre-Crisis that she appears in. She really didn't seem like a very interesting character in what little I saw her in, but it's hard to judge from just two stories, of which I don't even have the whole JLA/JSA story.

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    Quote Originally Posted by RachelGrey View Post
    Helena Bertinelli. I hope she comes back as a regular character eventually.
    She is back...
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    Quote Originally Posted by MajorHoy View Post
    a few more . . .

    Quote Originally Posted by MajorHoy View Post
    * Helena Wayne (Earth-2 daughter of Bruce Wayne and Selina Kyle, pre-CoIE version), 1st appearance in DC Super Stars #17 (November/December 1977) / All-Star Comics #69 (December 1977)

    Although I always prefer the color scheme from the cover and concept art, not sure why in the actual story above ^ it red more pink.

    And All-Star #70 etc..

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    Helena Bertinelli but I'm not sure if it was the post crisis version or the version in the DCAU Batman Comics.

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    This issue was the first Huntresses I ever read. Bought it brand new when I was 10 years old.

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    Considering that the Helena Bertinelli version was first introduced 30 years ago this year (in The Huntress #1, cover-dated April 1989), I guess it's not surprising she has the most votes.
    Currently we're at:
    * Helena Bertinelli (post-CoIE version) = 36 votes
    * pre-CoIE Helena Wayne (from Earth-2, 1st appeared 1977) = 23 votes
    * Golden Age Huntress (1st appeared 1947) = 5 votes
    * (New52) Helena Wayne (post-Flashpoint / 2011) = 4 votes

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    First saw Golden Age Huntress but pre-CoIE Earth-Two Huntress will always be one of my very favorite characters. I still can't warm up to Helena Bertinelli because I miss Helena Wayne so much.


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