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    Default Spiderman - A New Story

    Here is a Spiderman story that takes place in a world i call MMU (My Marvel Universe) It is the first in several stories that I will be writing. I have A Fantastic Four story planed out, an Xmen and an Ironman Story. I hope you all enjoy them and please feel free to leave feedback. I know the start of this reads like a Daredevil story but just hang in there Spdey is coming.

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    Spiderman – A New Story

    It was a hot humid July night. The kind of night Jack Murdock hated. The fact that he was under the hood of a broken down truck did nothing to improve his mood. His partner Nicky was sitting in the cab awaiting word to fire up he engine. At last the man stepped away from the truck.
    “Go ahead and try it now.” Jack called. Nicky turned the key in the ignition and smiled as the truck roared to life. With a whoop of joy Jack climbed back into the cab.
    “I knew you could get it fixed.” Nicky said as he put the truck into gear and drove off. It was a tense filled thirty minutes with the truck stalled. If the police had pulled into the empty lot and decided to search the vehicle things could have gone badly. Jack tried not to think of that as the truck mad its way to its destination. A warehouse by the docks. Nicky pulled to the front of the building and honked his horn three times. After a few seconds the large door opened and Nicky drove the truck inside. He pulled it into a line behind three other trucks and parked it. Once that was done he and his partner got out.
    “What the Hell took you so long?” Demanded a man with a clip board.
    “The truck broke down.” Jack informed him.
    “Where? We sent people out to find you. You were not on your route.”
    “Nicky said he knew a short cut.”
    “A shortcut?” Inquired a man in a green suit. The whole room stopped as the man approched the two men who had just got out of the truck.
    “Yea boss. It would have shaved a lot of time off the drive. If the truck hadn’t broken down that is.” Nicky tried to explain.
    “Nicky, Nicky. Do you know why I set the routes the way they are? It’s because the police along those routes are paid off. For the kind of money I pay them they don’t care that these trucks are hauling illegal waste. What if some police officer not on my payroll had stopped by to offer assistance and looked at the back of the truck?”
    “I guess I didn’t think of that.”
    “Oh well it’s okay. You didn’t think of it. You put my operation ion at risk because you didn’t think of it.” Before Nicky could react the man in green pulled a gun out of his jacket and fired three shots. The luckless driver fell to the floor.
    “From now on people we will be using our heads.” The man called out. “I will not have my employees acting foolishly. Is that clear?”
    “Yes Sir Mr. Osborn.” The men in hearing distance shouted. With a smile Norman Osborne walked away. It would seem The Kingpin of Crime still inspired fear in his underlings.

    Jack left the unpleasant scene behind him as two of The Kingpin’s men carried away the body of Nicky the driver. He vowed to put it out of his mind. It was not the first time that he had seen Norman Osborne kill one of his workers and it wouldn’t be the last. He made his way to the front truck where several workers were unloading the barrels of radioactive waste. One of the workers was his teenage son Matt. At first he was unsure of letting his boy do this kind of work. But it did help him put money away for college. Not that Matt seemed to interested in school. He worshiped the ground Norman Osborne walked on and thought that a life of crime was far better then a life of hitting the books. Jack wondered where he went wrong with his son. He didn’t want him to follow in his footsteps. A low level thug for the biggest crime lord in the city. But when Mr. Osborne offered Matt the chance to work for him the young man jumped at the chance. The Kingpin had promised Jack that the boy would not do anything dangerous and so far he seemed to be living up to his word. Loading and Unloading trucks was not that bad. Even if the barrels contained radioactive waste they were tightly sealed. Or so the man thought.
    “Come on old man. You are putting me behind.” Matt called up in a playful way. When he saw his father he stopped for a second. “Hey pops. About time you got here.”
    “We ran into some trouble with the truck.” Jack said as he took his place next to his son to help unload the truck. The two of them grabbed the next barrel and hauled it down. But Matt’s foot slipped and he fell to the ground. The barrel slipped out of jack’s hands and fell to the ground. The lid crashed off splashing Matt who was lying on the ground with the radioactive waste.
    “ARGGG!!!” Matt yelled as the thick soupy liquid covered his eyes.
    “NOO!!” Jack cried out as he knelt next to his son. He tried to wipe the fluid away from his son’s face but the fumes over took him and he passed out.
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    Jack Murdock sat in a chair in the waiting room of a make shift hospital owned by Norman Osborn. The Kingpin of Crime was standing next to him.
    “Don’t worry Jack. Matt is getting the best care possible.”
    ‘The best care with second rate mob doctors.’ jack thought to himself. He would not say such a thing to Osborn himself. He begged his boss to take Matt to a real hospital but Norman would not have his illegal dumping operation put at risk. After what seemed like hours a doctor came into the waiting room.
    “Mr. Murdock?”
    “How is he doc?” Jack asked his voice full of parently concern.
    “The radioactive material damaged his eyes a great deal. He will be blind for the rest of his life.” The doctor said matter of factly.
    “Oh no. No, there must be something you can do.”
    “I’m sorry there is nothing that can be done. The liquid ate away at his eyes. Ther is just nothing left.” With that the doctor turned and left the waiting room leaving jack and Norman alone. Mr Osborn place a hand on his workers shoulder.
    “I’m sorry Jack I really am.”
    ‘Not as sorry as you are going to be.’ Jack thought. ‘If it takes the rest of my life I am going to bring you down.’
    Favorite teams. Avengers, West Coast Avengers, Justice Society of America, Legion of Superheroes.

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