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    Quote Originally Posted by Johnny Peril View Post
    Most entertaining team up I've read in years.

    I concur it was pure anti-hero sweetness.
    "I'm sorry, but your story isn't adding up. I think your religion is a lie to keep my mouth shut."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Celgress View Post
    I recommend it highly. The above post does a great job of summing up why it's a worthwhile read.
    Cheers mate!

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    Ewww, I don't like alternate reality Osborn's spider costume. But I know why they are flashing back to otto's time with Mary Alice now. Someone is about to get their goblin *$$ kicked.
    Quote Originally Posted by capandkirby View Post
    I thought I couldn't love Steve Rogers any more than I already do, but here he is, eating pizza with a fork, just like I do (the only correct way to eat pizza

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