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In his personal life, I'd like to see him use technology to improve people's lives. Like providing high artificial limbs to disadvantaged/disabled kids and veterans. This could lead to a storyline where Cyborg wants to use his technology to help people while the government wants to weaponize it.

Cyborg was involved in sports, so he would know the value of a good coach. I'd like to see him lead a team of misfits/problematic characters(possibly a few villains?) and turn them into proper heroes or at least set them on the path of reformation.

I've been flamed for saying this, but I'd borrow some villains who are underused or forgotten and make them Cyborg's rogues:

1.Ultra Humanite-Cyborg's archenemy, both have transhuman elements(Cyborg via technology, Humanite via body snatching/possession). Give him some metahuman henchmen and a new angle(metahuman supremacy?) or have him covet Cyborg's body since a cybernetic body would be a boon in the current digital age.

2.Dr.Polaris- Barely used anymore and his magnetism counters Cyborg.

3.Dr.Cyber- A cliche choice, but she's barely used in WW anymore.

4.Brother Blood- Used to be Cyborg's enemy before writers gave him a connection to Trigon and made him a nemesis of Raven.

5. Cobalt Blue- Flash shouldn't have a monopoly on speedster villains. Just drop the 'Barry Allen's evil twin' angle and go from there.
Apparently not anymore