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Honestly, I don't think many black people are used to seeing stories starring black people that don't feature some kind of social commentary or allusions to race. That may be why, when it's not featured, some bring it up as a complaint. Because they're just not used to seeing something like that, and something they're expecting just isn't there. Kinda' like it's an elephant in the room to them that's just not being addressed.

Regarding Cyborg and Justice League, I think he was overshadowed by all the other heroes there, so he was kind of a non-issue. Plus the movie was a critical and commercial failure, so people just don't really consider it too much.
This is true, when I bring up how Iím not interested in slavery, hood, or civil rights films I always get the answers ďthis is our cultureĒ or ďthis is our historyĒ. These types of images a lot of times are demeaning yet we say this is representation of us. Not to mention stereotypes, black people have grown so accustomed to seeing these things that we perpetuate them ourselves in film. Iíve seen so many films/tv shows that Iím shocked they were created by black people.
Thatís my main complaint when it comes to black superheroes Black Panther, Luke Cage and Black Lightning have had lead roles in tv/film in this Golden Age Of Heroes and they all have the same underlying theme of social commentary. I think if there was variety amongst these stories it would be a lot more special based on what is presented rather than represented.