And now, the team who provided more references to "DOINK-DOINK" since the opening of Law & Order... it's... Why Your Team Sucks: The Chicago Bears

From Bears Fans:

Pete: "Since the Eisenhower administration, the Bears have basically been as successful as the Buccaneers and yet our fans act like we’re NFL royalty."
Will: "Last season Ryan Pace swindled that cherry faced Luddite in Oakland out of a first ballot Hall of Famer and helped get this team from worst to first. We were all riding high, way out over our fucking skis. We asked ourselves “is this team better than ‘85?” because god forbid we spend one second of the year not marinating ourselves in Ditka brand au jus and thinking about those fucking dinosaurs. Then, because we live in a just universe sometimes, it all bounced right back in our faces on the last play of the year not once but TWICE. Just incredible. They should play that kick in a highlight reel before every game just to remind us all of the inevitable."
Alexander: "I went to the tailgate for the Playoff game, and ran into my ex-girlfriend, who I haven’t seen in years. After we made eye contact, and awkwardly said hello to each other, I was introduced to her now to the man she cheated on with me with, then left me for, and is now her husband. Thanks to Cody Parkey, that was the second worst thing to happen to me that day."
Kyle: "What did ONE season of coaching this team get Nagy? Four padded walls and a straitjacket while he mutters “double doink” through applesauce spittle."