With 2 weeks left the 2018 season will be in the books. So any off-season news regarding the 2019 NFL Draft , Free Agency and coaching moves will come here. Anyhow lets start this off....


All is not well in Philadelphia folks. It appears that the team is split over reports how Carson Wentz ran the system in 2018. Given his health and what he struggled back from an ACL/MCL injury. The report claims the Eagles are not happy with Zack Ertz being thrown to so much as the offense struggled. Of course hours after this report came out various Eagles players spoke up for Wentz on twitter.

NFL.Com ranked the top 52 MVP seasons by a player and as the analyst admits , its a foregone conclusion. This guy will be the 52nd MVP in the Super Bowl era of the NFL.


In more NFL News -

- The Titans promoted TE Coach Arthur Smith to Offensive Coordinator

- The Dolphins are expected to hire Patrick Graham as Defensive Coordinator. The Dolphins haven't named their coach yet but its expected that this is who Brian Flores wants. Flores can't be hired til after the Super Bowl.