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    The return of Marvel Girl!!!

    Quote Originally Posted by Havok83 View Post

    LOL...I cant beleive they released this magazine and spoiler tagged huge chunks of it like that
    It was pretty cool to me that they did that.
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    here's the Uncanny variant

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    That cover makes me think about how creepy the school was until Morrison transformed it into a real school.

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    Uncanny X-Men #242 Mar 1989
    Inferno: Part 4 of 7 - "Burn!" Guest-starring X-Factor.
    Story continued from X-Factor #37...

    To be sure that his senses are not fooling him, Wolverine kisses Marvel Girl, confirming for him that she is still alive.
    Now for the first time ever, the X-Men and X-Factor have crossed paths as they are
    gathered around Madelyne Pryor who has her and Cyclops's son Nathan Christopher.
    With the X-Men having arrived, Madelyne has hidden her Goblin Queen form from them.
    Marvel Girl pushes Wolverine away when he refuses to stop coming on so strong, prompting her to tell Storm to control her people.
    When Iceman and Beast attempt to grab Christopher from Madelyne, Havok gets in their way.
    Tempers begin to flare out of control due to the X-Men's manipulations by the Inferno,
    and their continued belief that X-Factor are mutant hunters.
    This causes Wolverine and Dark Angel to come to blows. Warren manages to strike down Wolverine with his wing feathers.
    Rogue flies in and attempts to stop Warren by kissing him to absorb his strength, powers and memories.
    However, she only sees the image of Apocalypse in his mind and is shocked when Warren is capable of pulling away from her embrace.
    Before she can do anything about it, she is blasted from behind by Cyclops.
    This leads to a full out fight between the X-Men and X-Factor.
    As Iceman attempts to ice up Havok, he uses his powers to melt the ice sending a flood.
    When Dazzler and Longshot get caught up in the water, the two
    -- having been affected by the Inferno spell -- start making out in the middle of the battle.
    As Cyclops pulls Madelyne out of the water, she berates him for abandoning her.
    When Scott tries to defend himself, his brother Alex appears and begins attacking him,
    telling him that he betrayed his marital vows to Maddie the day that he left her.

    Just then, N'Astirh appears before them and swats Havok away, and then unleashes two demons on Marvel Girl.
    The moment the creatures make contact with her, MG realizes -- to her horror -- they are her parents transformed into demons.
    As the battle rages on, N'Astirh summons a demonic stage-coach and is about to leave with Madelyne,
    putting Cyclops in a position where he must make a tough choice:
    Does he save his wife and child from being taken into the clutches of the techno-organic demon,
    or save Marvel Girl from the creatures that are her parents transformed. Cursing himself, Scott chooses MG,

    and N'Astirh picks up Maddie and little Christopher and flees the scene.
    Havok, cursing his brother as well jumps onto the back of the coach in the hopes of rescuing her himself.
    Scott runs to Jean's side and Jean condemns Madelyne as a being of pure evil.

    Scott and Jean then go to where the members of the X-Men and X-Factor are still battling it out.

    While speeding through the city, Madelyne drops her innocent appearance and readopts her Goblin Queen uniform.
    Havok meanwhile holds onto the coach for dear life. As the wind rips through his costume,
    he feels as though that it's doing something worse to his soul.
    When the coach finally stops at the transformed Empire State Building, he reveals his presence to N'Astirh and the Goblin Queen.
    Maddie remarks how his tattered uniform now resembles her and asks for his loyalty.
    Giving it willingly, she christens him her Goblin Prince.
    As they enter into the building to prepare for the sacrifice of young Nathan,
    they are watched by Colossus who begins to scale up the side of the building in order to stop them.

    Back in Central Park, the battle between the X-Men and X-Factor rages on, as the members of X-Factor learn that
    the X-Men still believe that they are mutant hunters and are unaware that they revealed themselves as mutants.

    As Wolverine and Dark Angel fight it out, Cyclops wonders where Storm is,
    hoping that he can talk her into getting the X-Men to stop fighting.
    Storm has spent most of the battle floating above Central Park looking at the transformed Empire State Building
    and wondering how the Inferno has affected her and her comrades. The obscene obelisk reminds her of the butte from the
    other dimensional world that the Adversary banished her and Forge not too long ago and wonders about it's significance.

    While high above the tower, N'Astirh, the Goblin Queen and Havok prepare for the coming sacrifice by creating an altar.
    N'Astirh is shocked to see how quickly Madelyne is adapting to her newfound powers.
    When the demonically transformed Grey parents arrives with young Christopher Summers,
    Madelyne is disgusted by their ability to sense that the child is somehow related to them.
    As Madelyne finishes commenting about how only the baby is truly hers,
    she is angered to find that young Christopher has telepathically communicated to Marvel Girl about his impending sacrifice
    launching her into a fury and deciding to hold off on the sacrifice until she can destroy MG once and for all.

    Down below in Central Park, Marvel Girl's battle with Rogue is cut short when winds carry her up to where Storm has been watching the battle.
    When the two are finally reunited, they agree to get both of their teams to stand down so that they can save Christopher from his insane mother.
    However their reunion is cut short when N'Astirh teleports before them and attacks.
    Despite the combined efforts of both X-Men and X-Factor, none prove to be much of a match against the newly techno-organic demon.
    However, when he grabs a hold of Rogue and attempts to infect her with the Transmode virus,
    he learns that she had developed an immunity to it thanks to her encounter with the Technarc named Magus.
    While atop the Empire State Building, Colossus reaches its peak and when he attempts to stop the Goblin Queen, Havok blasts him away.
    As he flies across the city he is saved from a nasty landing by Iceman,
    who uses an ice slide to send him flying into N'Astirh, weakening the creature
    due to its natural weakness to iron, forcing the demon to teleport away.

    With the X-Men and X-Factor unified, Storm orders Psylocke to boost her
    psi-powers over the static created by the Inferno by psi-linking with Marvel Girl.
    This is a pleasant surprise for MG, who for months has not had the benefit of her telepathy.
    They exchange information regarding Rogue and Colossus's encounter with the Magus in order to learn the weaknesses
    of techno-organic beings so that they can better deal with N'Astirh when they make their final assault on the Empire State Building.

    Sending Colossus up the tower again to distract N'Astirh, the Goblin Queen and Havok, he finds himself bound by strange tentacles.
    When Dark Angel and Wolverine join the fracas, they injure N'Astirh
    and save Colossus giving Storm and Iceman an opening to freeze N'Astirh in ice.
    As N'Astirh boasts that the cold allows his computer systems to operate at peak efficiency he attempts to cast a massive spell.
    However, this is when Cyclops and Dazzler chime in with their powers along with Storm
    increasing the humidity under the ice barrier causing N'Astirh's circuits to overheat.
    As the final salvo, Storm unleashes a powerful torrent of lightning bolts
    that quickly overload N'Astirh's circuits causing him to explode.
    Unfortunately for the two groups of mutants, even though N'Astirh was seemingly destroyed, the Inferno spell still appears to be intact.

    Cyclops is appalled at Storm's willingness to slay their enemy, and this begins a
    debate between the two groups' different methods in striving for defending mutants.
    In the middle of the argument, Marvel Girl is suddenly caught in a mystical noose and pulled away.
    When the X-Men and X-Factor turn to see who has attacked MG, they are shocked to see that the Goblin Queen is still alive

    and possessing all her magical might and demon hordes and that she now intends to destroy them all.

    Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Marc Silvestri and Dan Green.
    Imperius Rex!
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    X-Factor #38 Mar 1989
    Inferno! Giant-Sized Spectacular! Part 5 of 7 - "Duet!"
    Continued from Uncanny X-Men #242...

    With the demon N'Astirh seemingly destroyed, the combined forces of the X-Men and X-Factor
    are surprised to not only find that the Inferno spell is still in effect over Manhattan,
    but that the Goblin Queen still has all her powers and is holding Marvel Girl as her hostage.
    Before the two groups of mutants, Madelyne tells her estranged husband Cyclops that she is doing all this for revenge against all those

    who destroyed her life, which she maintains was nothing more than borrowed from others,
    alluding to the fact that she was not born by conventional means.
    When Colossus points out that the gate to Limbo has been closed and N'Astirh defeated he tells her to give up her mad quest.
    Madelyne refuses, having her own horde of demons to command and that she still intends to sacrifice her son Nathan.

    When the two teams attempt to attack, Longshot's tainted luck powers cause the group bad luck,
    causing them to bump into each other, while fighting the Goblin Queen's demons.
    This leads to the two groups getting into blows once more.
    As Cyclops and Storm battle, Storm once more calls X-Factor mutant hunters saying that they had
    recorded media reports following their missions to allow them to keep tabs on X-Factor's operations.
    When Scott wonders why they didn't know that X-Factor revealed their true purposes recently,
    he asks her who was keeping the recordings for them.
    Storm realizes it was Madelyne who did, and sees how the woman had deceived the X-Men,
    and has likely been making sure that he two groups would not come into contact with each other for quite some time.
    When Cyclops attempts to attack the Goblin Queen, the evil sorceress uses her powers to move the demonically
    transformed father of Marvel Girl to deflect the blast. Storm's similar attempt to try and strike Maddy down is blocked.

    The Goblin Queen then convinces Dazzler and Longshot (still tainted by the Inferno spell)
    to help her in exchange for being "stars" of the battle.
    With magically created spotlights following them wherever, the two agree to help,
    attacking Dark Angel, blasting him out of the sky and in Maddy's proximity.
    She uses her magical powers to break Warren's resolve and transform him into a demonic form before he passes out.
    She then unleashes her full magical fury and sends the demons after the X-Men and X-Factor.
    As the mutant groups fight through the demon hoards, the Goblin Queen orders Havok to slay his brother Cyclops.
    Alex, very much in love with Madelyne now and under her thrall, willingly attacks his brother.
    When Longshot and Dazzler attempt to try and kill Cyclops they are swept away by Storm.

    Dark Angel meanwhile manages to shake off Madelyne's influence and uses his wings
    to cut the magical restraint that has been keeping Marvel Girl under Maddy's thrall.
    This also causes some sort of magical feedback that allows Wolverine to shake off Inferno's influence on him and regain his control.
    As the other members of the X-Men and X-Factor are busy keeping Dazzler and Longshot under wraps, Cyclops and Havok battle it out.
    Havok does not listen to any of Scott's attempts to talk sense into him and when Alex puts himself at risk of being buried under rubble,
    his gambit works out when his brother saves his life allowing Alex to knock him out.
    Marvel Girl meanwhile has shaken free of the Goblin Queen's control and the two are locked in mental combat,
    and Maddy creates an impenetrable force-field around the two women and young Christopher Summers
    so that the others cannot interfere with their final battle together.
    As the two women battle it out, Madelyne once more begins to allude to the fact that she was artificially created.
    MG wars on, furious that between the Phoenix Force and Madelyne, portions of her natural course in life have been usurped by other people.

    While not far, Cyclops is about to be blasted by Havok when Dark Angel fires his razor sharp feathers at Alex,
    sending him over the edge of the Empire State Building. Despite this, Havok unleashes a powerful blast
    in the hopes of sending Cyclops over the edge of the cliff as well.
    Cyclops manages to grab onto a ledge and save himself, while Havok is rescued by the Dark Angel.
    Inside the force bubble, Madelyne reveals to Marvel Girl the horror that they both share:
    the experience of Jean Grey's school friend Annie Richardson's death.
    As MG struggles to free herself suddenly a portion of the Phoenix Force appears.
    The portion of it's power explains that following it's death on the moon, it attempted to send a
    portion of itself (with it's memories and experiences) to MG as she was healing below Jamaica Bay.
    However MG refused it when she learned the genocide it caused in her image and it instead found a host in Madelyne.

    Outside, the regrouped X-Men and X-Factor begin determining a means to find a weak spot in the telekinetic shield.
    They manage to convince Dazzler to help by pointing out to her that Madelyne has tricked her and that she is not the star of this battle.
    Havok is also convinced to help, however still angry at his brother for how Madelyne was abandoned,
    he only does so to help his brothers estranged wife over anything else.
    With a common cause the two groups begin attacking the field in an attempt to break through and rescue MG.
    Inside, MG learns the shocking truth about Madelyne Pryor:
    That she is in reality a clone of MG herself created by the evil mutant known as Mr. Sinister.
    Sinister had intended for Madelyne to be the perfect mate for Cyclops in order to spawn a child for some unrevealed reasons.
    When she fulfilled her intended purpose and after Cyclops abandoned her to join X-Factor, Sinister sought to eliminate her and take the child.
    He would send the Marauders to assassinate her.
    However she would join up with the X-Men who seemingly sacrificed their lives to save the world.
    Eventually her seething hatred would lead to a deal with N'Astirh.

    Outside, Psylocke manages to convince the depressed Longshot that he still has his good luck power
    and has him toss one of his daggers at the shield to find a weak point.
    Finding it, the teams manage to burst through just as Madelyne attempts to kill both herself and Marvel Girl.
    With this distraction, the Goblin Queen tosses young Christopher, sending his father diving for his boy.

    Attempting to kill them all in the chaos, Madelyne is over powered by MG, who's love for the X-Men gives her the strength to fight back.
    MG then decides the only solution is to accept the portion of the Phoenix Force that resides in Madelyne,
    and in the process also absorbs all of her clones memories and is restored.
    The power of the Phoenix Force manages to break the Inferno spell
    and make MG a complete woman once more. However Madelyne dies in the process.

    With the battle over, Jean goes to Scott who is both in mourning for the
    death of his wife but also eternally happy to finally be reunited with his son.

    In the aftermath, everyone gathered notes that the X-Men haven't been restored to normal following their exposure to the Inferno spell
    and wonder if this will cause problems to them in the future. Beast commends Warren for his selfless acts that day and his ability to
    fight against his evil impulses and rechristens him Archangel. Cyclops tries to make amends with his brother,
    however Alex still resents Scott for what he did to Madelyne and tells him that if he could join her side again he wouldn't do things differently.
    In the end Marvel Girl looks at the lifeless body of the woman cloned from her DNA and realizes the pure evil that is Mr. Sinister
    and rallies both groups together to hunt Sinister down and put a stop to him before he causes this sort of travesty again.

    Story by Louise Simonson. Art by Walter Simonson and Al Milgrom.
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    Dark Angel instead of Archangel? Huh. I always thought he was Archangel as soon as he took on that blue skinned metal winged form. Instead he only got that name in Inferno. How long was it between his transformation and rename?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Digifiend View Post
    Dark Angel instead of Archangel? Huh. I always thought he was Archangel as soon as he took on that blue skinned metal winged form. Instead he only got that name in Inferno. How long was it between his transformation and rename?
    Warren's transformation as Death was revealed in X-Factor 24 and Beast gave him the name Archangel in 38. To be fair, he didnt rejoin the team after Fall of the Mutants and was barely in the book. Dark Angel was the name he adopted in X-Factor 34 after Candy died and he decapitated Hodge

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    X-Men #30 Mar 1994
    The wedding of Scott Summers and Jean Grey in "The Ties That Bind"

    Script by Fabian Nicieza, pencils by Andy Kubert, inks by Matt Ryan.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Cyke View Post
    I really wish the time-displaced 05 got to wear their original costumes longer. There's just something great about that juxtaposition of old vs. the threats of the 2010s -- even Earth-616's final battle at the start of Secret Wars.
    Yeah I had no enthusiasm whatsoever for all the subsequent looks the time-displaced 05 got to wear.
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    Where Angels Dare to Tread! from Uncanny X-Men #55
    Continued from last issue...

    Having developed a taste for adventure and heroics, Warren Worthington III has
    relocated to New York City where he has taken up the costumed identity of the Avenging Angel.
    Armed with a specially made gas gun, Warren goes out on patrol and manages to prevent
    the Grady Gang from robbing a warehouse by knocking them out with his gas gun and calling the police.
    When the authorities arrive they find the Grady Gang all knocked out and the Avenging Angel's calling card, a halo painted on a nearby brick wall.

    However, news of Warren's exploits are discounted as a fabrication as the
    member of the gang who gave testimony is known to be a pathological liar.

    While at Professor Xavier's School for Gifted Youngsters, young Scott Summers and Bobby Drake are watching the news coverage on television.
    Bobby finds it fascinating, however Scott is less than convinced in the existence of a winged human.

    Summoned by Professor Xavier, he sends Scott and Bobby out to investigate as Cyclops and Iceman.

    The following night, the Avenging Angel is out on another patrol when he witnesses a robbery happening at the Atomic Institute.
    Attacking two crooks who are stealing a strange cylinder, Warren douses them with gas.
    However a stray bullet knocks Warren's gas gun out of his hand.
    Swooping down to recover his weapon and relinquish the cylinder from the crooks, Warren gets a whiff of his own gas mixture.
    Deciding to return the cylinder to the Atomic Institute the next day, Warren then returns to his apartment.

    He finds Cyclops and Iceman waiting for him, who reveal to the Avenging Angel
    that he is a mutant and would like him to join their group, the X-Men.
    Surprised to find the two other mutants there, Warren tells them that he operates as a loner
    and tells them that anyone attempting to push him around will get pushed back…and hard!

    Script by Roy Thomas, pencils by Werner Roth, inks by Sam Grainger
    Imperius Rex!
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    Uncanny X-Men #243 Apr 1989
    Inferno: Part 6 of 7 - "Ashes!" Guest-starring X-Factor.
    Story continued from X-Factor #38...

    On top of the Empire State Building, the X-Men mourn for Madelyne Pryor and talk about everything that happened during Inferno.
    Suddenly Jean Grey cries out. She forms a telekinetic bubble around herself and lets nobody in.
    Psylocke uses her telepathy to bring herself, Cyclops, Storm, and Wolverine inside Jean's mind.
    There they are at the Blue Area of the moon and witness the last instants before Phoenix sacrificed herself.
    She perishes shouting Scott's name. The X-Men see that her energy does not dissipate, but rises towards earth.
    Cyclops wonders how Jean knows of these events since she is in suspended animation at Jamaica Bay at the time.
    Suddenly a large fist appears and smashes the memory. It is Sinister.
    Psylocke tells the others that if he destroys all memories, Jean's soul and mind will be completely obliterated.
    The X-Men float through more shards of memories, which are clearly Madelyne's.
    In the center, they find Jean's memories loosely assembled around an image of the mansion, which is guarded by a redheaded figure.
    As the X-Men approach she looks like the Goblin Queen and fires a blast. She then turns into Jean as Marvel Girl and asks for forgiveness.
    Betsy understands that Jean's condition is a result of trying to integrate two powerful individual psyches.
    Storm suggests to bring Rogue into the mindscape too, since she faces a similar effect each time she uses her powers,
    but Psylocke discovers that an outside force blocks her from going outside of Jean's mind.
    A huge image of Sinister appears and he destroys another memory shard. The X-Men try to fight him, but physical powers are useless.
    Only Betsy's telepathy stands a chance and she succeeds in building a barrier, keeping Sinister at bay.
    The others try to talk some sense into Madelyne's personality, who gained the upper hand again.
    Both Scott and Logan fail. She refuses to help and is glad that the X-Men might die along with her.
    Storm realizes that this isn't Madelyne at all, it is Jean who is about to give up;
    she was terrified about the Phoenix force's offer and denied it with her every being.
    The results were Dark Phoenix and the Goblyn Queen. Maybe it would be better if things ended right now.
    Psylocke's shield breaks and Sinister gets through again. He heard the last part of Jean's fears and offers
    her to break the terrible cycle by stripping her of memories and identity that have caused nothing but pain.
    Madelyne refuses. She changes into Dark Phoenix, then into Jean and tells him that this is
    her mind, her soul, her life and she means to keep them herself and she blocks Sinister out.

    In Xavier's mansion, which he uses as a hideout, Sinister tells Malice to alert the others, since the X-Men are on their way.

    Jean learned of his location during their final battle for her mind. The X-Men and X-Factor have split up into smaller teams.
    The first, consisting of Jean, Cyclops, Storm, Wolverine and Archangel enter the mansion through Storm's former attic.
    Psylocke and Rogue use the hangar bay as their way in.
    Meanwhile Beast and Longshot brought Mr. And Mrs. Grey and baby Christopher to the X-Factor ship.
    They argue which one stays behind to guard the Greys and who may go to help to fight Sinister.
    The remaining mutants, Colossus, Iceman, Havok and Dazzler, approach the mansion through the Morlock tunnels beneath the Xavier estate.
    They cover forty miles without a problem, but right before the mansion, they run into a demon-transformed Blockbuster.
    He is faster and stronger than they remember and knocks Colossus and Iceman out before they can do anything.
    In the narrow tunnels, Dazzler shoots a full force laser beam, but she has no effect.
    Blockbuster grabs her, but suddenly Havok unleashes a plasma beam and kills him. Alison wonders,
    because he was always afraid of doing that. Alex replies that Inferno changed him.
    In the hangar bay Sabretooth sneaks up on Betsy and slams her into the ground.
    He wants to rip her throat, but Psylocke reaches into his animalistic mind and stops him in mid-air and fries his mind.
    Upstairs in the mansion, the first group discovers that Sinister has searched
    through everything, personal and private rooms, even the Professor's office.

    While they are most distracted Malice strikes and hurls metallic debris around and Jean and Ororo quickly defeat her.
    The X-Men gather in the main room and start to interrogate Polaris/Malice, who is held in one of Jean's telekinetic fields.
    She refuses to reveal any information about Sinister. Storm orders Psylocke to mind-probe her and then try to separate the two women,
    but Malice says that would surely kill her because the bonding is permanent.
    She turns to Havok, claiming that she still loves him, and Alex asks her to prove it by giving them the needed information.
    The mansion explodes, all lie around unconscious. The only one who is unhurt is Malice.
    Ironically the field that held her shielded her from the impact. Sinister comes out of hiding

    and pulls Jean from the debris, now he has the original to tamper with and he orders Malice to kill
    the other members of the X-Men and X-Factor as Longshot arrives on the scene to stop them.

    Story by Chris Claremont. Art by Marc Silvestri and Hilary Barta.
    Imperius Rex!
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    X-Factor #39 Apr 1989
    Inferno! Guest-starring the X-Men. Part 7 of 7 - "Ashes to Ashes!"
    Continued from Uncanny X-Men #243...

    Mr. Sinister and the Malice controlled Polaris stand in the ruins of the X-Mansion.
    The members of the X-Men and X-Factor defeated and Marvel Girl his captive.
    The only person standing in their way is Longshot, who despite his doubts, is able to create
    a distraction with his luck powers long enough for the Beast to recover and try to fight back.

    This in turn allows Cyclops to revive. Scott easily defeats Polaris and tries to turn his powers against Sinister.
    However Sinister has some form of control over him. When Rogue and Psylock revive
    and attempt to fight Mr. Sinister, Betsy's mental attack is fended off,
    and when Rogue attempts to absorb his mind and powers, Sinister actually takes full control of her body.

    During this brief possession, Cyclops sees Sinister standing over him and recalls a lost memory from his youth,
    where Mr. Sinister experimented on him as a young body. As Polaris tricks Havok into "helping" her only to bind him,
    Sinister explains that he had been manipulating Cyclops from the start. That he was in charge at the orphanage
    and stifled Scott's early powers and implanted false memories. As Havok is binded in metal by Polaris,
    he warns her that Inferno has changed him and that he is no longer afraid of using his powers.
    Sinister explains that he also attempted to manipulate Jean Grey knowing that their combined DNA would create the ultimate mutant.
    However when Jean had seemingly died, he instead cloned Madelyne from Jean's DNA in order to fullfill this purpose.
    As Scott struggles to free himself, Colossus attempts to attack and is similarly held at bay by Polaris.

    As Mr. Sinister continues to explain how he manipulated Scott at a young age, Psylocke establishes a psylink between
    the scattered members of the X-Men and X-Factor, and they begin to formulate a counter attack plan.
    They note that Sinister appears to be keeping Scott under his power, as though he is afraid of Scott's powers,
    and figure that might be the key to defeating Mr. Sinister. Havok tells the others to let him deal with Scott and they launch their attack.

    As the X-Men pile on Mr. Sinister, Storm uses her wind powers to sweep up Marvel Girl and uses rain to revive her
    as the others continue to pound Mr. Sinister with their mutant abilities -- however none seem to have an effect.

    As the X-Men fight on, Sabretooth comes out of the rubble of the X-Mansion
    prompting Wolverine to deal with him by impaling his rival with his claws.
    Havok goes to his brother and while taunting him for being weak begins to bombard Scott
    with his atomic energy powers, charging Scott up with a massive amount of energy.
    Sinister manages to collect Marvel Girl back and begins kissing her, the final thing to push Scott over the edge.
    When the Beast pulls Marvel Girl to safety, Scott breaks through the mental barriers

    and manages to blast Sinister with a full power optic blast, seemingly destroying his enemy.

    In the aftermath of the battle, Alex reports that Polaris escaped and he and Scott make amends.
    With the battle over, the X-Men depart from X-Factors company, telling Scott that they will
    continue to fight Xavier's dreams in their own way and the two groups part as friends.
    Left in the rubble of Xavier's school Scott once more reflects on how he let his dead wife down so badly.
    However they all agree that they managed to save young Christopher and they will be committed to raising him together.

    Story by Louise Simonson. Art by Walter Simonson and Al Milgrom.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ulfhammer View Post
    Simonson's work on Inferno was amazing.
    100% in agreement!!!!
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    Uncanny X-Men #5 May 1964
    First Appearance of Magneto's Asteroid M in "Trapped: One X-Man"
    The X-Men's last battle against Magneto and his Brotherhood of Evil Mutants injured the Professor, seemingly destroying his telepathic abilities.
    They return Professor Xavier to the mansion so that he can get some rest and hopefully regain his powers.
    The X-Men ponder what they will do without Professor Xavier's help when they hear Marvel Girl's parents arrive for a visit.
    The X-Men quickly change into their civilian clothes so they can greet their visitors.
    They excuse Professor Xavier's absence and give Jean Grey's parents a tour of the mansion.
    The party heads to the Danger Room where Hank McCoy explains that it is a gymnasium and they are receiving new equipment.
    While the group goes into the lunchroom, Scott Summers is accidentally trapped in the Danger Room
    and a program designed for the Beast starts automatically. He escapes the obstacles that the Danger Room presents by destroying it.
    Outside of the Danger Room, Jean's parents are unaware of anything out of the ordinary and they leave.

    But nobody noticed one of Magneto's henchmen, Mastermind, searching for the X-Men's headquarters!
    After a few minutes, he calls Magneto to pick him up; the X-Men are not nearby.

    On Asteroid M, Quicksilver and the Scarlet Witch ask him why it is so important to find the X-Men,
    so Magneto explains that as long as the X-Men are around, they will intervene in his plans for mutants to rule the world.
    He then explains that he has devised a new plan in order to coax the X-Men out of their HQ.

    At the Xavier Mansion, Scott ponders a plan to stop the Brotherhood when Bobby Drake asks if he'd like to watch a track meet.
    He yells at Bobby for not caring for the Professor. While Jean covers Professor Xavier with a blanket,
    Hank and Warren Worthington III join Bobby by the television, along with Jean and the Professor.
    There is a contestant that wins the track meet using incredible jumps, so the crowd turns on him because they believe he is a cheater.
    The X-Men realize that the contestant is a mutant, so they head out to help him.

    Once they rescue the mutant from the angry crowd, the X-Men escape to the subway.
    As they arrive at the next station, the Beast realizes something familiar about the mutant.
    The Beast pulls off a mask to reveal that it is actually the Toad, another one of Magneto's henchmen.
    The whole Brotherhood then arrives to attack the X-Men, and Magneto captures the Angel.
    The Brotherhood flees with Angel, but they are forced to leave Toad who was captured by the X-Men.

    Back on Asteroid M, Magneto interrogates Angel as to the location of the other X-Men,
    but Angel refuses to tell him. Magneto then attempts to brainwash Angel.

    The X-Men try to decide what to do with the Toad when he suddenly falls into a trance. The Toad's only thoughts are that
    he has to return to Magneto. He pulls out a communicator and summons a capsule from the sky. The X-Men follow the Toad,
    in order to find Angel. The X-Men appear on Asteroid M, to the Brotherhood's surprise. Magneto attempts to kill the X-Men
    with the push of a button, but the console is sabotaged by the Scarlet Witch because she cannot tolerate murder.
    Magneto and the two siblings argue over their loyalties, giving the X-Men time to free the Angel and attack.

    The fighting causes some extensive damage to Asteroid M, which causes it to start to fall apart.
    Cyclops is trapped in a section of the asteroid that breaks off right away. Iceman has to create an ice tunnel so that Angel can rescue Cyclops.
    Before the asteroid is fully destroyed, the X-Men use the capsule to return to Earth.
    When the X-Men return to the mansion they try to tell Professor Xavier what had occurred.
    Professor Xavier informs them that he was able to follow everything, because he did not lose his telepathy.
    Since the X-Men performed this solo mission perfectly, they passed their final exams and their training is over.

    Script by Stan Lee, pencils by Jack Kirby, inks by Paul Reinman
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    I'm the best there is at what I do, but what I do best isn't very nice.

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    But Inferno was horrible. (The two are not mutually exclusive.)
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