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Here is what is weird. If you told people that Shazam may end up doing very well for what it is ($80-100 million is its budget) and advance tickets from Fandago has tracked a bit better than Aquaman. WB is expecting a $40-60 million opening for it. Shazam is quite a gamble for WB though. Its clearly playing up the action/comedy aspect and we will have to see what it does this opening weekend.

The weird factor is if you told folks last year that the big screen adaption of Dumbo could do worse than Shazam ...folks would have laughed. Its the same way that in 2018 people were told Bumblebee , Mary Poppins and more was gonna take on Aquaman at Christmas time. (With Aquaman winning that war)
Well, at least Shazam! will have three weeks to rake in the bucks before Avengers: Endgame drops like a nuke and blows everything else away.