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Except, the Batman movies that worked where all self-contained and left no room for superheroe movies in the traditional sense. It is next to impossible to build a shared universe out of the Nolan films. And the Superman movies/appearances have been from bad to terrible.
They were gonna try and lure Bale back to do that. But the overall gist is...the Nolan films did huge box office and continued Batman's box office run as we saw for years. A fact that in 2021 we will get another Batman film . It doesn't matter if they are self contained or a launch film for others. Its about the fact Batman has had more of a box office presence than Shazam has had. That its considered an easier bet for a film to get .

Making any new Batman or Superman movies that can kickstart/impulse the DC Cinematic Universe IS the big gamble.
As we saw with Aquaman and Wonder Woman they can make it work with the right approach and work to it. But it takes that right approach from director. But lets be honest ..its less of a gamble if you say your doing a Superman film or a Batman film that could have a tie to a wider universe.

I think you are overestimating the power of cartoons and comics for the casual audience. Certain degree of recognition? Maybe.
I'm not , its part of the aspect of the characters growth to other markets and merch appeal to children and adults for 40+ years. Superman , Batman etc have latched onto generations of adults growing up through various cartoons , toys and games. WB makes millions of dollars off what Superman and Batman do as merch each year. Shazam has never had that before.

Except that based on the previews, he is like Superman, but funny, doesn't take himself too serious and gives this "Marvel"-like movie vibe, which is what audiences around the world seem to prefer. See, for example, Aquaman.
The trailers for Aquaman , Wonder Woman etc didn't approach things with the comedic vibe to this point. Here is one of the Aquaman trailers.

They played up the action dynamic basically and we got maybe a slight joke here or there. Unlike Shazam which is doing the comedic adventure route . Be it a Marvel attempt or not ; this seems like more of a departure than the last few DC film movies.

No, they wouldn't. Or rather, in the long term, they wouldn't. The reason we are not seeing a 150-200 million Batman/Superman movie is because, right now, WB has no idea what to do with those characters, how to move forward, and how to use them to impulse their DCshared universe. The next 150 million Batman movie will star an entirely new cast, with a new take on the character, and with a new story arc. Those are a lot of questions marks.
Well as we have seen YES ...they would. They already announced the next Batman film and release date with date its due to start filming. Before Affleck walked away from it he was gonna do a Batman film but he didn't like the script (even though folks who read it found it to be really good). Ask a WB executive what is a sure bet...a Batman film or the unknown Shazam (which we really won't know how it does...til it opens) and your gonna see more executives say the Batman film. Because they have a character who literally has been in big films , been a huge marketing machine etc. Unlike...Shazam has.

Shazam? It looks like a fun superhero movie.

Except, that's exactly what most of the people want. Aquaman completely destroyed other DC Universe movies record because it is a Marvel movie. You can see elements of Thor and GoTG all over it. Audiences like that.
Of course many compared Aquaman to a Black Panther Of course many have compared Captain Marvel's latest film to a Wonder Woman. Film comparisons happen all the time. With this though it seems that Shazam seems to be a more comedic film. Not the pure epic action film Aquaman was or what Wonder Woman was either.

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DC has always been weird with Shazam marketing. I don't recall there ever being a big presence by those characters for action figures, lunchboxes, underwear, you name it.
There hasn't and its why them doing a Shazam film is more of a gamble to see if it clicks. Given the fact Shazam as a character never has had the marketing as we saw with the Batman/Superman characters.