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    Default Books you'd like to see launch after Age of X-Man ends?

    When Age of X-Man ends, it's obvious that most of the X line will be relaunched. So what books would you like to see join Uncanny X-Men and X-Force on the shelves of your LCS? Feel free to suggest creative teams and rosters too.
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    What trick has marvel not pulled yet to revamp the X-Books. Am sure they will search for the next trick. How many times are they going to relunch Uncanny?

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    Shaggy+++ Tier: Juanan Ramirez-drawn Boom-Boom mini

    S+ Tier: Something new

    A Tier: Excalibur (not with the exact same original cast)
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    New Mutants (Dead Souls style) or New X-men (with the students).

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    Gambit by Fabian Nicieza and Steve Skroce.

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    I sense a Glob book.
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    What I want to see is a book that basically involves a TON of the New X-men Kids just abandon the X-men entirely, and create their own group.
    And when I say a ton - I mean around 18-20.

    My take on it that it's basically the fallout from the X-kid's subplot after Disassembled, where Armor quits the X-men after a massive argument with Jean, Cyclops and Wolverine, and just decides to go back home - except that unknown to all of them, Blindfold (for her own reasons) Telepathically transmits the whole argument to the entire student body, many of whom are already pissed off at the X-men for their own reasons, and most of whom are not glad to see Cyclops return to a leadership position.
    The result is that when Armor leaves - Most of the student's end up leaving with her (despite her not actually trying to spark a revolt).

    The book's starting position has all of all of these X-kids (Armor, Pixie, Rockslide, Glob, Anole, Blindfold, Surge, Hellion, Mercury, Dust, Trance, Match, Cypher, Bling!, Oya, Greymalkin, Ink, No-Girl and Indra - and later joined by Prodigy) - All of them basically crashing at Armor's family house in Japan.
    And the whole storyline becomes a combination of "Slice of life", "Starting a Business" and traditional Superhero team book - the tone being somewhere between Runaways and vol 1 of Wolverine and the X-men, but without everyone being brain-damaged.
    The kids largely adopt a "if you can't join them - beat them" Mentality in regards to the X-men, and set out to create their own superhero group - operating on the premise that having Blindfold and Pixie on the team means they can create the fastest and most effective "rapid response" superhero team - and they decide to focus on responding to natural disasters at first, and later on dealing with crime and supervillains.
    They also set up their own Social-Media wing (Cypher as battlefield Camera-woman, Trance as the head of their Twitter/Youtube PR department, etc) on account of how they are unlikely to get positive attention from the more mainstream media - so they just record and upload their field ops to Social Media before the News vans are even there.

    Early storylines involve just how to actually FUND a situation where 20 super-teens are living in the same house - all of whom need to eat at the end of the day.
    What kind of attention does the sudden appearance of 20 odd super-teens in tokyo attract.
    A running comedic subplot of how to actually CALL this new group (with a Running gag of Armor, arguably the CEO of it, being prevented from being part of this discussion - on account of being called "Armor").
    An early plotline involves the fall out from the split with the X-men, as both enemies and allies seek to exploit the situation.
    There's also the question of why Blindfold decided to do what she did, and she's not telling anyone.
    And there's a few personal subplots that get resolved (Surge finally confronts her family, Hellion being forced to finally mature, since they need him to man-up, etc).

    Later arcs see Prodigy joining the team - bringing his experience (he knows everything that everyone involved with Running the X-men does) to the table - as well as seeing the team move out of Armor's house into a new HQ.
    And the results of their actions attract a much more dangerous foe that seeks to destroy them before they can get set up.

    at least - that's my take on it.
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    New X-men or Excalibur (probably the only comic that would allow Rachel to have any significance other than being a Hound or being controlled for the hundredth time).

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    New X-Men
    Alpha Flight

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    As long as the newer xmen aren't immediately made irrelevant for a rehash of Claremont and Jim Lee xmen I'll be happy. They deserve some spotlights and Logan doesn't have to be in literally ever other marvel book. I doubt it I'll happen but acknowledging there are some plots the the new xmen could handle better then the classics would be nice

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    A Bunn or Brisson story featuring Sabretooth. Have Bunn get Monet back too. I was interesting in what he could've done with her, as I think he had the best M since GenX.

    Hell, I still want the X-Book that never got to print.
    Mystery X-Book.jpg

    Great cast, just get rid of Mystique & keep her away from Sabretooth.
    Mystery X-Book-2.jpg
    That's better. lol

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    Quote Originally Posted by Knives View Post
    New X-men or Excalibur (probably the only comic that would allow Rachel to have any significance other than being a Hound or being controlled for the hundredth time).
    I like the idea of Rachel walking away from the X-Men after what happened to her. Heck have Emma re-open the Massachusetts Academy and have Rachel go teach there and take over the New Hellions. Not like the old incarnation, just Emma wanting nothing to do with the X-Men but to have her own group that does the same thing and she recruits Rachel to be on the team and maybe even lead it. I would love to see the arguments when Emma and Rachel end up recruiting newer mutants before the X-Men can, I think they could actually make the competition between the two schools fun. I just want Rachel to be so upset with the X-Men letting Ahab take her that she just decides to go work with Emma and walks away from the X-Men teams entirely.

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    X-Man maxi/solo
    Bishop mini/solo
    Amazing X-Men (if we can't get the kids in their own title, then a majority of the underused ones should be on this roster)
    Hellfire Club

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    Wolverine by Donny Cates and Marco Checchetto (Duggan or Eiwing as the writer if Cates is too busy), with at least a year without him being part of the X-Men or Avengers, yes is probably impossible, but i still can dream.

    Preferably he should go back Japan to reconect with his adoptive daugther Amiko and trying to reconcile with Mariko. I also hope that Yukio has gotten better from her paralysis.
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    Just a good team book in general with a writer that likes their cast. I don't care for who is in it, just someone who won't be a) undermining history for story (Work with continuity, not against it) and b) doesn't just have people for cool posing background shots. Use your whole cast. And, I guess, it should be fun and/or interesting. If it's not too much to ask. But I realize the last part is asking too much.

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