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    Quote Originally Posted by Omegarogue View Post
    Rogue absorbs vital energy and other things are several mixed powers, which with control it is seen that they were broken down.

    Absorbing at a distance by an aura of energy is nothing new is a progression, and this showed Claremont shortly before Xtreme.

    Kelly is a very competent writer.

    If it was KT intention to reference/resurrect Claremonts idea then why did Rogue react in the way she did. She would of said to Xandra that she'd experienced something similar in her past.

    This plot point might very well lead to Rogue as always not wanting to 'evolve', that's why she has always struggled with control. Her fear of this ability has always held her back.

    Yes it's a very emotive story beat, but at a cost. We might be being expected to accept that the strong sassy brawler has always been ashamed/fearful/closeted of her 'true self'.

    That is way to close to the movie version of Rogue for my liking, and it enfeebles the Rogue we have known.

    On the distance absorption, and why I think it never caught on.

    It makes her a hassle to write within these teams. Each individual should have their moments to contribute what they bring to the team. Rogue would need to be given other characters feats/moments. The flying brick, touch absorption gives her autonomy, both in power and psyche influence.

    Ironically it kinds of weakens her. Her effectiveness is dependent on the team she is with and a possibly even weakening her allies by absorbing their energy (oh shit) ahh! I'm working myself up about it, over thinkin'.

    Just out of curiosity, do you omegarogue want Rogue to have some sort of super saiyan mode? to be some sort of all powerful almost omnipotent character?
    Because while I love your enthusiasm for the character, I do question your consideration of all the other X-men she's with.

    An all powerful Rogue could work as a cosmic character or have an event surround her, Fun to see absolutely, but I don't think it's sustainable.
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