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    You know...Sable is the one female character that in adaptations they will throw her against Spider-Man consistently in her first appearance. I suppose it is easier to write her having an objective that conflicts with Spidey... [random thought] I've noticed that Sable having purple/violet eyes didn't carry over from animation like Lois Lane's eye color did.[/random thought]

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    Amazing Spider-Man #323 Nov 1989
    "Assault Rivals" The Assassin Nation Plot Part 4 of 6. Guest-starring Captain America, Silver Sable and Solo.
    In the sewers beneath Paris, France, agents of the terrorist organization
    known as ULTIMATUM are attempting to blow up the famed Arc Du Triomphe.
    However, their operation is interrupted when the anti-terrorist mercenary known as Solo teleports in on them.
    Solo guns down all of the soldiers but one. He demands that the terrorist give him the location of his commander Toler Weil.
    With his life on the line, the terrorist buckles and tells Solo that he can find Weil in Symkaria.
    With the information he needs, Solo tosses a grenade at the terrorist.
    Announcing that while he lives, terror dies, Solo teleports away as the grenade explodes.

    Meanwhile, in Symkaria, the country is reeling after the assassination of Vivian, the woman who was to marry King Stefan.
    With the CIA potentially implicated in the attack on the royal palace by ULTIMATUM,
    the ambassador of the United States heads to the palace in a limo to answer to the allegations.
    As they approach the palace, the vehicle is pelted with tomatoes by the angry citizenry.
    Inside the palace, the Ambassador Hawthorne is introduced to acting Prime Minister Alphonse Gallatik
    who then takes Henry to see Silver Sable who is investigating the murders.
    They are surprised to see Spider-Man with Silver Sable, but things quickly turn to business at hand.
    She briefs Hawthorne on Silver Sable International's investigation into American groups like
    the Life Organization, who are somehow involved in a plot to assassinate the king of Symkaria.
    After the ULTIMATUM attack the day before, Sable found a panadoxin pill that points to the CIA also possibly being involved.
    She warns the ambassador that should they find proof of CIA involvement there will be stiff reprisals from her country.

    The ambassador assures her that America is an ally of Symkaria, however, Sable points out
    past partnerships between the United States and nations it now considers enemies.
    When Spider-Man suggests they should focus their energies on finding the assassin,
    the ambassador tells Spider-Man to butt out, due to his vigilante status in the United States.

    Angered by this, Spider-Man decides to go outside where he addresses the news crews camped outside of the palace.
    On live television, Spider-Man tells them that his activities in Symkaria are
    not intended to embarrass the United States and that he is being a model citizen.
    He also uses the opportunity to send a veiled message to his wife Mary Jane to let her know that he is fine.
    The report is watched by Aunt May, Nathan Lubenski and Mary Jane.
    Seeing this report prompts Mary Jane to tell May that Peter called to let them know that he is okay.
    However, Spider-Man's interview with the media is cut short when the press
    is made aware that Captain America is being parachuted into the country.
    Cap is swarmed by the press who ask him if he is here in his capacity as an Avenger or to help the CIA.
    All the star-spangled Avenger can tell them is that he is here to do the right thing.
    Also watching this development are the members of ULTIMATUM.
    Major Weil orders his men to mobilize and prepare for the worst.
    As they go about their duty, Weil begins planning his own escape strategy.

    Soon, Captain America is brought in for a strategy meeting and Spider-Man is forced to wait outside.
    The wall-crawler considers heading home, as he is tired of being looked at as nothing more than hired help.
    However, when the others emerge from their private meeting, Captain America vouches for Spider-Man and his involvement.
    With files from the CIA, Captain America informs them that ULTIMATUM has set up operations on the Symkaria/Latverian
    border and that they are planning a strike so they can find the real assassin and absolve the United States of any responsibility.
    Silver Sable also informs Spider-Man that his contract has been fulfilled and that he can go home if he wants.
    However, Spider-Man's sense of responsibility prevents him from turning his back on the rest of this mission.
    The Wild Pack, Cap and Spider-Man are dropped near the ski lodge where ULTIMATUM is set up.
    As they prepare to attack, Captain America asks Spider-Man what his motivation is,
    and is proud to hear that Spider-Man is joining the operation for the sake of his own country.
    Suddenly, they are ambushed by ULTIMATUM soldiers hiding in the snow.

    While Spider-Man and the others are busy fighting the guards outside,
    Major Weil realizes that his operation is a failure and makes preparations to blow up his hideout and escape.

    However, before he can do so, Solo teleports into the room. Before the mercenary can kill Weil, he is surrounded by guards.
    This gives the Major a chance to make a break for his escape vehicle. Solo manages to catch up,
    but before he can gun down Weil, Spider-Man and his allies come crashing through the wall.
    Spotting Solo, Captain America hits him with his shield. This allows Major Weil to make hie escape.
    Solo is furious at their interference, pointing out that Weil is a top ULTIMATUM official.
    Having heard about Solo's activities, Captain America expresses his dissatisfaction with the mercenary's methods.
    Learning about the communications room, Spider-Man doubles back
    and webs up an ULTIMATUM operation and demand that he give them the access codes.

    He refuses, but Silver Sable manages to get the information out of him.
    As the ULTIMATUM agents are being arrested, Solo teleports away leaving Spider-Man,
    Silver Sable and Captain America go over the records they pulled from the computer.
    They are surprised to learn that the assassin that was hired was the mutant killer known as Sabretooth.
    They all agree that in order to clear the United States of any wrong doing they must find Sabretooth alive and force him to testify.
    That's when one of the Wild Pack informs Silver Sable that the American ambassador has been
    recalled due to death threats, and there is some real fear that this may be a precursor to war.

    Script by David Michelinie. Art by Todd McFarlane.
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    Talking Happy Birthday Erik Larsen!!!

    Amazing Spider-Man #324 Nov 1989
    "Twos Day" The Assassin Nation Plot Part 5 of 6. Guest-starring Captain America, Silver Sable and Solo.
    Back in New York City after his trip to Symkaria to stop the assassination of the king,
    Spider-Man has tracked down an ULTIMATUM cell attempting to blow up Ellis Island.
    He has webbed up the terrorists and demands answers from them.
    One of the ULTIMATUM soldiers manages to pull his arm free
    and is about to shoot the wall-crawler when suddenly Solo teleports into the room.
    Spider-Man dodges the mercenaries shots. He is furious that Solo killed the soldiers, as his spider-sense warned him.
    He also scolds Solo for pursuing his personal vendetta when America and Symkaria are on the brink of war
    unless they can prove that the United States wasn't responsible for the assassination attempt on the king.
    Solo admits that Spider-Man has a point, and he accepts the offer to help him, Silver Sable
    and Captain America in tracking down the assassin, the mutant mercenary known as Sabretooth.
    As Solo walks away, Spider-Man wonders why he didn't just teleport away,
    frustrated about how little he knows about the mercenary.

    Meanwhile, Silver Sable and Captain America are flying into Mexico
    to follow up on a lead that could bring them closer to finding Sabretooth.
    Sable is determined to kill the mutant, but Captain America reminds her that they need
    him alive to testify and clear the United States of any involvement in the assassination plot.

    They are air dropped over a jungle where they drop in on a group of mercenaries.
    When Cap demands to know wher Sabretooth is, the mercenaries attack.
    However, the pair easily incapacitates the soldiers and nab their leader,
    who refuses to talk, knowing Captain America's morality will prevent him from harming his prisoner.
    However, Silver Sable has no such compunctions and threatens to shoot him.
    The leader of the bandits quickly changes his position, telling them that he can take them to Sabretooth.

    Back in New York, Peter Parker has returned home to his wife to celebrate the fact that she landed the role on Secret Hospital.
    Peter remarks that it's not much of a celebration as it involves ginger ale and late night television.
    Mary Jane suggets that they have a real party once they move into their new loft.
    Peter remarks how things are quickly changing, as after they move out,
    only the Palmero's and Nathan Lubenski will be living in Aunt May's home.
    The next morning, Spider-Man heads to the Metropolitan Museum, as part of his investigation into ULTIMATUM.
    He meets with Solo and tells him that they are checking out the museum
    as it is currently being renovated that is being funded by the Life Foundation.
    He tells Solo about he and Paladin had previously discovered a connection between the Life Foundation and ULTIMATUM.
    Solo doffs his disguise and is looking forward to clashing with ULTIMATUM again.
    Spider-Man reminds Solo that they need ULTIMATUM's commanding officer, Major Weil, alive.
    As Solo charges off, Spider-Man isn't sure who is worst: his enemies, or his allies.

    While back in Mexico, Captain America and Silver Sable have managed to track down Sabretooth. The mutant assassin
    has killed one of his minions as an example for the others for not following his orders during an artifact heist.

    The mercenary who brought them there alerts Sabretooth and his men by starting a fire, spoiling the element of surprise.
    While Captain America handles the other mercenaries, Silver Sable chases Sabretooth into a nearby temple.
    Sabretooth has the advantage thanks to his enhanced speed and agility, and he manages to slash Sable a few times.
    However, the woman notices that the walls of the temple are crumbling and tricks the feral mutant into crashing into one.
    As she planned, the wall shatters, burying Sabretooth under tons of debris.
    Captain America digs through the rubble and is disappointed to discover that Sabretooth is apparently dead.
    Now the entire situation hinges on Spider-Man finding Toler Weil.

    Back in New York, Spider-Man and Solo storm the Metropolitan Museum
    where they are ambushed by ULTIMATUM soldiers hiding in suits of armor.
    As Spider-Man is busy fighting the soldiers, Solo teleports into the other room to get at Weil.
    Toler flees, leaving a Life Foundation representative alone with Solo.
    Spider-Man manages to spot Weil trying to flee to a helicopter on the roof.
    However, the terrorist pushes past a man working with an acetylene torch,
    causing the fuel tank to explode, sending Toler falling off the roof.
    Spider-Man manages to catch him, but this puts him at the mercy of Solo,
    who orders him to let Weil go, or he will shoot them both.
    However, Spider-Man refuses to let Solo kill the only person who can
    testify that his country was not responsible for the assassination attempt.
    Solo is impressed by Spider-Man's bravery and decides to spare him, this time, and teleports away.
    Back at the Symkarian embassy, Captain America learns that while Weil is in custody, he is refusing to talk.
    Spider-Man suggests that they find some other evidence to prove things.

    Captain America points out that they need to do so soon as things are growing more volitile.
    He explains that Symkaria has broken relations with the United States and death squads are mobilizing
    to kill American officials in that country, and the threat of war looms even heavier on the horizon.

    Script by David Michelinie. Pencils by Erik Larsen Inks by Al Gordon.
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    Amazing Spider-Man #325 Nov 1989
    "Finale in Red!" The Assassin Nation Plot Part 6 of 6. Guest-starring Captain America and Silver Sable.
    In order to continue their mission to stop war from starting between America and Symkaria,
    Captain America attempts to get Spider-Man security clearance through the Department of Defense.
    However, despite the recommendations of Captain America and Silver Sable, the request is denied.
    They explain ULTIMATUM's involvement and how their prisoner, Toler Weil, has confessed
    that the next assassination attempt will be on the Symkarian ambassador to the United States.
    Cap insists that they need Spider-Man as part of their special unit to prevent this assassination.
    However, since Spider-Man refuses to remove his mask and reveal his identity, the request has to be denied.
    Spider-Man is furious and departs, never feeling so humiliated in his life.
    He also never realized how much he cared about his country before this moment.
    Peter Parker returns to his Aunt May's home where his wife Mary Jane has
    finished packing up their belonging for their move to their new loft apartment.
    He tells Mary Jane about what happened and his desire to still do something to help.
    Although money is tight, Mary Jane believes they can afford the cost to send Peter to the capital.

    The next day at the Pentagon in Washington, D.C., Captain America briefs soldiers on his plan to guard the ambassador.

    After dismissing the briefing, Cap pulls Silver Sable aside and reminds her to keep her desire for vengeance in check,
    as they need a living witness to prevent war from happening. They are soon joined by Spider-Man who managed to break into the facility.
    Captain America is upset that someone was able to break into the Pentagon but accepts his help nonetheless.

    Spider-Man suggests that Weil spoke too easily and suspects that threat on the ambassador's life is a ruse to keep the authorities
    occupied while the real assassination can take place. However, Captain America and Silver Sable are committed to the current mission.
    When they have to get going, Captain America implies that Spider-Man should see the prisoners that are being held in the basement.
    The wall-crawler picks up on this, and using an ULTIMATUM costume, he pretends to be one of the terrorists
    who has come to help Toler Weil escape captivity. He tells Weil to escape while he "frees" the others.
    As Toler flees, Spider-Man tags him with a spider-tracer. Changing back into his Spider-Man costume, the wall-crawler follows after Weil.

    Spider-Man is led to the National Archives, leaving Spider-Man to deduce that the real plot is to steal the US Constitution,
    Declaration of Independence and the Bill of Rights and pin it on Symkaria, ensuring a war between the two countries.
    Inside, Spider-Man is attacked by a pair of Watchdogs, but he easily incapacitates them.
    Knowing that the real documents are held in archives in the basement,
    the wall-crawler travels down into the archives through the ventilation system.
    There he finds members of ULTIMATUM, the Resistants, and the Sweatshop trying to blow a vault to the historical documents.
    Spider-Man leaps down and stops them just as their employer, the Red Skull, enters the room.
    The Skull is disappointed to see that Spider-Man has found him as opposed to his foe, Captain America.
    Still, he offers the wall-crawler a chance to join him, revealing that he is not stealing the documents, but planning on destroying them.
    He offers Spider-Man a briefcase full of money, briefly tempting the wall-crawler. However, he refuses out of dedication to his country.
    The Red Skull is disappointed and orders his minions to kill him and leaves.
    While Spider-Man deals with the hired mercenaries, he spots an ULTIMATUM soldier attempts to throw the switch on the bomb.
    Spider-Man manages to jam the detonation lever by firing a spider-tracer into the device.

    Ripping open the secret door the Red Skull escaped from, he finds no trace of the villain.
    Still, Spider-Man had set up his camera and an audio recorder in the ventilation shaft,
    collecting the evidence he needs to prove that the Red Skull was behind the whole plot.
    Later at the Pentagon, Spider-Man turns over the evidence and is congratulated for his work.
    Silver Sable has also contacted the Prime Minister of Symkaria and the government
    there has absolved the United States of all involvement in the assassination plot.

    Captain America pulls Spider-Man aside and tells the wall-crawler that he
    wishes he could have been more of a help, but he had to do what he had to do.
    Spider-Man admits that he had to do the same thing, and that's all they can all ever do.
    With that Spider-Man webslings for home.

    Script by David Michelinie. Art by Todd McFarlane.
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    I wish Marvel would do another Sable mini or ongoing. So much potential, international spy thriller, with glamour, and intrigue.

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    I just realized Far From Home would have been a good chance to introduce Silver Sable. It's a bit of a missed opportunity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Mets View Post
    I just realized Far From Home would have been a good chance to introduce Silver Sable. It's a bit of a missed opportunity.
    Yesssssss!!!! This so much!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mister Mets View Post
    I just realized Far From Home would have been a good chance to introduce Silver Sable. It's a bit of a missed opportunity.
    The Black Widow was a missed opportunity as well. Silver is under used as of late.

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