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    Default Is Superman true Presence?

    We know that Presence is Creator of DC multiverse.
    But, Final Crisis says that everything in DC multiverse came from Superman, Over Void are only watching it.
    Now, New Map of the Multiverse by Grant Morrison confirmed world view of Final Crisis.
    So, Does it confirm that Superman is true Presence of DC universe?

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    Actually, The Presence, while "God", is just in charge of Heaven, below the Overvoid in Morrison's cosmic totem pole. And while Superman's at the center of the multiverse (and arguably of greater importance), he didn't create it, it's just that the big statue/battle armor of him appeared after the Overvoid saw him.
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    It would depend on your faith that he does exist. I hope there would be a next movie for 2015. However, the payroll services supplier ADP claims that 176,000 careers were put into the United States economy in June. The boost is moderate from May’s 136,000, but better than expected.

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