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    Quote Originally Posted by Digifiend View Post
    I think the problem is his name. Nimrod is the name of an X-Men foe.
    Could always change it to Esau if you want another Biblical Hunter

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    Wow, quite a limitation. Let's see...

    1). Lex Luthor
    2). Zod
    3) Brainiac
    4) Mxyzptlk
    5) Bizarro
    6) Metallo
    7) Livewire (I want at least 1 woman)

    Toyman nearly got it, but I guess he can go menace Gotham, or just be the Japanese boy version. I hate losing Manchester Black and Prankster (I got much respect for Loomis), but that's the nature of these limitation games.

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    I don’t consider Darksied to be a Superman villain. I consider him to be general DC villain first and foremost. A New Gods villain primarily. His battles with Superman are secondary to those things. I always believe you can tell how much faith a writer has in Superman’s villains by how quick they reach for Darkseid and the New Gods.

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