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    A while back I wanted Duke to join the Unexpected so that would be another good team up issue waiting to happen.

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    I really enjoyed the cast of We Are Robin, so I'd love for them to resurface in an almost sequel series...I'm sure that Duke was the acknowledged by Batman would create a little bit of tension between him and Dre. But the whole day-time aspect of Batman and The Signal made it a bit jarring for me, why would Bruce assign a high school student to patrol Gotham during the day? As well, Duke's abilities aren't well defined, by definition I would have thought his abilities would be much better suited for night work.

    But here's my pitch:

    Much like Kate, Luke, and Jean Paul, Batman makes Duke an agent of Batman, he's continuing to work out of The Hatch, below the Lucius Fox Center. Besides Riko and Izzy, Duke ends up bringing Dax and Shug-R into the fold. With Catwoman not operating at Gotham at the moment, the Marconi and Falcone families are stirring the proverbial pot, so Duke ends up fighting against them. He runs into Dre, who is there for the same reason, but is surprised that Batman recognizes Duke's efforts during We Are Robin and not his.
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