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    Default Sould I check out Descender?

    With the sequel coming out in April, I was thinking about reading the original comics?

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    I found the series quite enjoyable!
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    Absolutely!! I dropped it after issue #16 (which turns out to be the halfway point) due to budget, but with the aim of one day reading everything to follow. Ascender being announced has given me a deadline for that now!! What I read of Descender was absolutely fantastic and I highly recommend it!!
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    It's a gorgeous book, although I suppose that goes for any Dustin Nguyen-drawn book really. Keep in mind Descender skews much more sci-fi, while the upcoming sequel Ascender will lean more into fantasy territory. I doubt it'll be necessary to know the backstory from Descender, but they'll probably put in a lot of fun in-jokes and references for long-time readers if that interests you.

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    100% yes. I'm a HUGE Mass Effect fan, and this book really scratches that itch.
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    I just read the first issue of Ascender, and if Descender is even half as good it'll be worth reading!

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    Highly recommended, just a great story from start to finish.

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