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    Default Wyrd (Dark Horse)

    Anyone else read issue #1? I absolutely love the art and plan to pick up the next issue, but the story and characters felt a bit thin to me.
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    The chain-smoking, hard-drinking, blond S.O.B. "hero" is basically John Constantine with rapid-mending capability, and maybe immortal like Deadman. I wasn't pulled in by it.

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    The whole books is analogues with little twists. It's pretty fun in that regard.

    Issue 4 came out today. I'll be honest, I kinda forgot about this book with the delay between 3 and 4. But I really liked this issue. The Farm was fun twist.

    I wasn't sure how they were going to wrap this up in one more issue, but it looks like that isn't the plan. I'll definitely check out more.

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