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    Default Batman Grendel Platinum Ashcan

    Hello everyone,

    I'm new here so sorry if this is a repetitively question that has previously been addressed.

    Okay, so I have a copy of the Batman Grendel Platinum Ashcan from the Hero magazine. This is the one with the heros in front of the silver foil moon. My copy isn't signed thought. It was limited to only 25 signed copies.

    My first instinct was to think that this would be worth less money because it isn't signed. Obviously anything signed by the artist, or actor, or sports star, is alway going to be worth more than one that's unsigned.

    However the more I though about it since all of the platinum versions are supposed to be signed then this one is rarer than the others.

    My thought processes mighty be flawed, so I though I should ask the question to a group for opinions.

    I would appreciate all feedback on this.

    Thanks, LD
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    Well, here's my common sense info. and don't have it in stock. Currently someone is asking a ludicrous amount for a graded example on ebay. What is it worth? Only what someone is willing to pay for it. There's one in the sold listings for $500. Of course, I can't compare the condition of that one to yours.

    Also, the two examples I mentioned don't seem to have any signatures. I'm not going to do any research on signed/unsigned. Seems like the platinum (or silver) edition was limited to 25 copies, period. Can anyone else chime in?

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