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    Default Cadence of Hyrule

    A crossover between crypt of the necrodancer and Zelda has been announced

    Nintendo is going all out for indies

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    This looks like an absolute blast. I love Crypt of the Necrodancer. I think it's a smart idea for Nintendo to be more open to allowing other devs work on their IPs. People forget Namco Bandai have had a huge hand with the last two Smash games and Ultimate is the best yet. Hyrule and Fire Emblem Warriors were cool albeit simple, and Mario + Rabbids Kingdom Battle was surprisingly good. They've said in recent years they're really open to this concept, and I think if they have their eyes on the right studios we could get some really amazing stuff. Imagine Yacht Club or Supergiant Games with a Nintendo IP.

    But back to Cadence of Hyrule, which is a day one buy for me, I can't wait. I still have fun just jumping into Crypt of the Necrodancer today. It's so easy to just start up and enjoy. This trailer got me way more excited than I thought I could be for it.

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