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    Quote Originally Posted by Agent Z View Post
    In Tower of Babel, a villain steals Batman¬’s secret contingencies against superheroes leading to the heroes getting caught off guard because they were unaware these contingencies even existed.
    In Infinite Crisis, Brother Eye, an computer spy network created by Batman goes rogue and kills numerous people and the League is blindsided by this because they didn¬’t even know Bruce had this thing running.
    I¬’d say that Bruce¬’s attempts to single-handedly police the entire superhero community with no oversight or input from anyone else have twice screwed everyone else over is very relevant to this discussion. Again, the issue isn¬’t about contingencies against the League but how Bruce goes about it and that he thinks he alone should be the one keeping the League in check.

    Bruce¬’s plans weren¬’t designed to fight evil clones of the Justice League, they were designed to fight the League themselves.

    The difference is the Amazons don¬’t hide the fact that they have an army in the first place.

    Could you list those instances? Because right now I can think of way more instances where Bruce¬’s contingencies ended up getting more people killed than a possessed team mate.
    Superman had a robot double that killed Donna Troy, but nobody hates on Clark. Not to mention when Clark had his brain swapped out but some nut who tried to beat Donna to death back in the Byrne run.

    Amazons Attack? Circe mind-twists the resurrected Hippolyta into slaughtering her way through Washington? Blackest Night is rife with possessed heroes causing carnage.

    Thats without me thinking hard or using Google...

    And let's not forget the REASON Bats created Brother Eye was Zatanna and other Leaguers doing secret stuff.
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