While STAR WARS has had a ton of games, it's "Sister" franchise, Indiana Jones, has sort of lagged behind.

There were some decent games in the late 80's and 90's, with Lucasfilm using graphic adventures for Last Crusade and their own, original story, The Fate of Atlantis (Which also got a Dark Horse comic adaptation). The Indiana Jones SNES title, built somewhat on the same basic design of the Super Star Wars games, is also mostly well remembered. "Infernal Machine" I think got decent reviews too, and in some ways anticipated some of the aspects of "Kingdom of the Crystal Skull"

However around the same time Tomb Raider came out and sort of stole the thunder away from any future Indy stuff. "Emperor's Tomb" seemed to land with a "Meh". "Staff of Kings" was originally intended to be a PS3/XBOX 360 game based in part of the Force Unleashed engine but instead it was downgraded to PS2 and Wii, and also wasn't quite well-received. Plus then came Uncharted as yet another adventure series with Indy-like thrills. Of course the Lego games came and were fairly well-received, but what franchise doesn't have at least a basic Lego game?

Of course now Uncharted and Tomb Raider are both kind of still running; Uncharted of course ended Nathan Drake's story but Lost Legacy proved spinoffs could work with some of the other characters, and although Shadow of the Tomb Raider seems to have ended the "Survivor" series of TR, there's of course possibilities of another reboot or continuation down the road.

Disney has the licence now for Indy, although given their troubled work with the Star Wars games and EA, I'm not sure we'll see much soon. (They also seem to have had some trouble getting a fifth film off the ground). Also while "Kingdom" saw a brief revival of Indy merchandise-Comics, novels, toys.....they pretty much faded out pretty quickly compared to Star Wars.

Of course, should they manage to make one, and not get Harrison Ford to voice Indy again, the choice is probably obvious: