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    Default Mourning Superboy (Pre-Flashpoint) and Superboy return to Kent Farm


    I wanted to ask when the following things happened:

    1.) Pre-Flashpoint

    a) Cassie and Krypto mourning Superboy at the Kent farm (saw a picture, but I dont know if its fan-art)
    I liked it very much..

    b) Conners return to the Kent farm...I saw the pictures when Superman brought him and Bart back and showed them to Wally,Cassie,Supergirl etc.
    But I missed the return to Martha Kent and Kent Farm...

    c) Supergirl bringing the Superboy Shirt to Cassie

    d) Cassie and Martha Kents first encounter..

    2.) NEW52

    I heard there is one situation when Krypto helps Superman and Supergirl after Superboys Death and Krypto mourns him...
    It was during the time with the warworld..

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    Oh and Pre-Flashpoint

    e) Superman holding Superboys Body and mourning him..

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