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    Quote Originally Posted by AmiMizuno View Post
    Could Cale be a good villain? One that isn’t a Luthor?
    Prior to Flashpoint, I felt Cale was a far more interesting character. Her targeting Diana didn't have anything to do with family trauma, it was all about how she had to work her way up the ladder in a male dominated world and her feeling that Wonder Woman being given on a silver platter [from Cale's view] all the things Veronica had to fight for made Diana a fraud.

    That seems to have been lost in the new version, who is basically just lashing out because of suffering from unbalanced mother syndrome. She doesn't have a plan beyond making Diana's life miserable. As a motivation it seems pretty 2 dimensional.

    And I still can't get over how Nemesis is drawn here. I know I said Fourth World, but now I am thinking it's more like what a fourteen year old would come up with for a Superhero role playing game.
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    Nemesis looks like a Star Wars alien.

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    Book is on a roll IMO. Enjoying all of the artists. Wilson is using ideas from previous runs; that ought to be a given, but for this title it's a godsend. Tone of the past few issues has been appropriately whimsical/fantastic, a good fit for the character.
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    A bunch of messages have been moved to the Wonder Woman 64 Review thread. This thread should be reserved for the Preview only.

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