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    Quote Originally Posted by Jim Kelly View Post
    What's AU stand for?
    Alternate universe.
    Quote Originally Posted by Tzigone View Post
    The biggest issue to me was her not aging at the same rate as her peers, but that's not really about her journey, though. Her starting young and growing up worked really well. Though I do think a non "girl" non "super" name in adulthood, as Nightwing did would have been great.
    I would suggest Flamebird, since IIRC she's used it once already. There's been several of them though. Also, Dc's not gonna do it unless they have different character as Supergirl.

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    continue to portray the character as intelligent, courageous and fun. In the next crisis(es) she'll get de-aged again, or something along those lines.

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    Supergirl had already graduated college when I was introduced to her in the early 1970s. I typically prefer adults to teenagers -- or at least prefer they be 18 or older.

    At some point, DC regressed Supergirl's age to 19 -- and froze it. So, even she should have been in her early to mid 20s during the Crisis (using comic book time, she may have still been 19?). I think someone was probably aware that a woman in her 20s may not want to be referred to as a girl -- yet that is the trademark.

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    I'd like Kara to be around the age of Dick, Donna, Wally, Garth and Barbara. I'd also like for her to have been a part time member of the Titans.

    She could always still have been the Secret Weapon for Clark, like in the original stories, until her training finished. But hang out with the Titans so that she wouldn't be alone. (She'd have grown up with the Kent's as well)

    She could always be part time like Bruce and Clark were at first with the League, then eventually becoming a full member, or just deciding not to, but she has established bonds with Dick and Donna and Barbara.

    (Side Note, I've always wanted a mini series, atleast, with Dick Donna and Kara/Linda. They are the next Generation to their mentors. How do they handle that type of legacy? Do they want to follow in the Trinity's footsteps or mark out their own paths? Etc. I think it could be a fun story.)
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    Junior year of High school - Freshman in college is the age range for Kara I prefer.

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