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    I'm fine with either since it depends on continuity. I was thinking that current comics Supergirl was around Cyborg's age.
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    I prefer Supergirl as a teenager as a rule. The reason she's called Supergirl and not Superwoman isn't because of institutionalized sexism like the TV show claims, it's just because she's very openly and obviously a kid. Contrast Spider-Man, hiding his face and putting on a deeper voice when around people who know him to seem older than he really is. Supergirl doesn't have as much to hide.

    I mean, I get not making her a kid on TV too, for a bunch of reasons. They wanted a procedural for... some... reason... they wanted a workplace environment that... doesn't reflect real working experiences for people her age... but most importantly, it's just easier to film with someone who can treat the show as a full time job and not a side gig they have to do school on top of.

    But in a perfect world, in comics and hopefully in movies, I want to see a Kara who is obviously a kid.

    Admittedly, this also slots in with my ideal Superman age - I like him to be on the younger side of things. If she's a young adult and so is he, you run into Smallville where they're just the same age. Naw, you know?
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    Considering most people's brains don't stop developing until they're 25-26, I'm okay with her still calling herself Supergirl until this point. Once you hit 28 and start pushing 30, though, it becomes a bit problematic.
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    Young adult, maybe 21-24?

    Mostly because my first Supergirl was Matrix, and that's the age range she always came across to me as.
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