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Thread: Kal or Clark?

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    Iirc when Superman introduces himself to Lois during his initial interview and explains he's an Alien etc he refers to himself as Kal-El thus reinforcing the secret identity.

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    Quote Originally Posted by qwertyuiop1998 View Post
    well,this some byrne era flaws,too eager let superman embrace earth,pushing too hard for his human side.ignore his krypton side(kal-el).but in other comics,superman embrace his krypton heritage and respect his gentic parents and krypton(and also separate from earth/his adopted parents,his emotion for earth/kents is family love,and for krypton/genetic parents is respect)
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    The way I see it is Clark loves the Kents and he feels like a human because he grew up on Earth since he was a baby. But he always knew he was different and when he learns about his Kryptonian heritage and what his parents did to save him, he discovers a new part of himself and he respects it and wants to learn about it. What I don't get is that he suddenly feels like an alien and acts like a Kryptonian all the time. I think nurture is stronger than nature in this case. Like for instance, it feels wrong to suddenly hear Clark say 'For Rao.' I can see Kara saying it because she actually grew up a good part of her life on Krypton, but Clark didn't.

    Superman is the public superhero, what he can do, but I don't think he thinks of himself as that. He is Clark Kent the son of Jonathan and Martha Kent, IMO.
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    The only one I think should call him Kal is Kara, and that is because that is how she first knew him. The only other person is maybe Zod, and even then it would make more sense for him to just call him El or Son of El. To everyone else it should just be Clark.

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