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    Default Could Amazon Training Be Used in Titans 2018?

    Comic Wonder Woman fans are likely familiar with the Golden Age concept of Amazon training in which the Amazon granted themselves superhuman physical abilities by channeling mental energy through their muscles. This ability was discarded post crisis and while Amazons do train in hand-to-hand combat, them gaining superpowers from it no longer applies.

    Which brings us to DC's web streaming series Titans. In her debut episode, Donna has a conversation with Dick Grayson about the differences between their two mentors. And Donna states that the Amazons have a tradition of "empowerment and self improvement". And it should be noted that they haven't explained how Donna has super powers. Now, Donna could be speaking of mental and spiritual empowerment but I do have some hope Amazon mental powers could be showing up in Titans.


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    At a guess, we won't see much more than we have already seen, i.e. some few references to Donna having lived on Themyscira and have had adventures with Wonder Woman. They need to give the impression of a larger world, but also tie down as little and as few of its details as possible, to leave room for any other serials they want to start there.

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    I wonder why hasn't Dc ever even brought that up again in the comics? I mean wouldn't it be nice for Diana to train people to be strength like a average amazons if she truth them
    Please sign this so we can at least show DC we want Legend of Wonder Woman part 2.

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