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    Default Where does Miles get his web fluid from?

    Hi folks,

    Not sure if this has ever been addressed in the actual book but has it ever been shown where Miles continues to get his web fluid from.
    He doesn't have Peter's science smarts, so is Peter keeping him supplied?

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    He got the formula from Aunt May when she gave him his web shooters. Now his friend Ganke makes it for him.
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    In his Prime Earth history, Miles and Ganke learned the secrets of the sticky sauce from a wise hermit camping out next to a Brooklyn deli.
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    CryoFlar3's explanation is how it happened in 1610. In 616, this obviously changed. Now, he got the web shooters and formula from Peter directly. The web shooters were in fact destroyed in Bendis's second-to-last arc. They were gone for the rest of Bendis's run, but he's been seen using webbing since in Champions and his new series, so presumably either Peter or Ironheart (the villain who destroyed the web shooters was actually one of her rogues, Techno Golem) rebuilt them for him.

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