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    Default A Danish publishing company wishes to republish the great comics by P. Wininger

    Hi Everybody! :-)

    I'm new to this comic site and hope it's okay that I share a new kickstarter campaign with you about republishing French comics (with English translation):

    My husband and I have recently established a Danish publishing company (E-voke) that specializes in comics (because we love them!).
    We have just launched our first Kickstarter project which we hope will help us in the pursuit to republish three great comic albums from the renowned French comic artist Pierre Wininger (1950-2013). Wininger has drawn several comics and started out by working for Charlie Hebdo and Circus Magazine in the late 1970's. We seek to publish his first main story about the sneaky French reporter Victor Billetdoux and his friend, the Egyptologist Chares Hippolyte-Constant. The two of them get involved in some mysterious happening in both Egypt and Paris involving mysterious masked men, mad scientist, secret Egyptian rituals and cunning people in search of a secret weapon...

    I hope it's okay that I share our Kickstarter link with You we really hope we can republish these comics, believe me they're great!

    And please let me know if You have any questions!

    Thanks in advance <3

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