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    Default Forensically revisiting Jason Todd's death: were the crowbar wounds survivable?

    When people think back on A DEATH IN THE FAMILY and the demise of Robin/Jason Todd, the most evocative image is that of a crowbar, the tool/weapon that the Joker used to savagely beat Robin to a bloody pulp.

    Robin, however, survived the crowbar was the explosion a few minutes later that killed him.

    Still, we saw that Jason was quite brutalized by the crowbar beating. Were those wounds survivable? Had there been no explosion, would Jason have recovered from his injuries assuming that Batman arrived when he did and promptly got him to medical care? Or were the wounds so severe that even without the explosion, Jason would have perished anyway?

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    Is there actually any way to know the answer to this?

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    Under the Red Hood and its subsequent retellings plainly stated that the damage to his brain had been massive and thus, he would've ended either in a vegetative state or with his faculties severely impaired.

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    As far as i remember the calls where the ones that decided the explosion would have been lethal. Following that logic it might as well have not been. I say at most 6 months worth of issues before he was up and kicking criminals butt had people decided to keep him alive.

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