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    Quote Originally Posted by dreyga2000 View Post
    I don't see how that means nothing. The fact that Captain Marvel is best seller means she has stuck a chord with an audience that doesn't frequent comic stores.
    You asked why the Amazon sales aren't acknowledge more.(At least that's how I interrupted it) I was just answering your question. Tomorrow Marvel could really start pumping up Marketing for Avengers End Game and the titles "connected" to that would see a spike in sales there and Captain Marvel would be bumped further down the list. Not only that but since it's cumulative that means that the sales reflect the whole life of the book on their market place. So older books have an automatic edge on newer titles.

    It has nothing to do with Captain Marvel, I'm just saying it is inaccurate way to gauge sales data. Amazons Seller List primary purpose is to show sellers what will eventually sell on their market place and to gauge (as best they can) how long it will take. While on the consumer side just to show what others were interested in and the buyer might be interested in purchasing.

    It's not meant to gage if a comic book title actually has fan interest in said title. Promoting it as such is just false advertising.
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