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    Default Has Damian & Dick spoken since Dick's personality change?

    If so, can anybody point me to the issue? Thanks.

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    Sadly no because you know Alfred, Bruce and Babs are the only ones he relates to. The only ones this might impact and the only ones who care enough to ever call or visit.

    All we've had is an issue where Ric is having a Nightmare about Damian and Babs getting hurt only he can't recall their faces and that causes him a great deal of distress.

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    No and that might be the most disappointing part of this nonsense.

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    Only Alfred and Barbara have interacted with Ric. No one else in the DCU has interacted with him while his memories are gone. Even with Bruce any interaction happened off panel.

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    Sadly, fanfiction has done a better job with the character interactions then the actual comics. Batman Novel: Nightwing Junior is about Damian (joined by still 10 year old Jon every so often) taking up the mantle while Dick is out of commission to protect Bludhaven and in particular, Dick.

    The closest the comics have come, as said, is a dream "Ric" had about Babs and Damian, but he couldn't see their faces.

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