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    Default Charles & teens Cyclops/Jean

    Charles & teens Cyclops/Jean trying recruit these people for the X-men. Will they have to fight them or win them over to join or they simply say,no?

    -Children (Village of the Damned (og))
    -Robin & Gillian (The Fury)
    -Anthony Fremont (Twilight Zone,Bill Mumy (the kid from Lost In Space))
    -Michael Ironside (evil) & Cameron Vale (Stephen Lack)
    -Carrie '76
    -Damien (The Omen (og))

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    Do not know about s The Fury.

    The Children are flat out evil. As is Damein.

    The others, including Carrie can be done though.

    Especially since with Carrie she goes on such a murder rampage as she feels like a butt monkey at school, plus her psycho. I’m.

    Take those factors out and some folks who would treat her normal and she can be fine. Maybe keeps Berserk rage. So would be like Wolverine, with different powers,

    Anthony, the Twilight Zone Reality Alter kid could be convinced, hell in the 80s relaunch he got a sequel so where he is a father. So he is capable of choices. Just needs to tone down his world view, Charles can handle that.

    X Men accept non mutant students in character, Will is grateful not be surrounded by stupid 60s characters and builds awesome robots with Hank.

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