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    Default I Robin's mask black or green?

    So I've been wondering this for a while and haven't found anything conclusive. With Robin's original Mask, is it black or green? I'm referring specifically to the original Dick Grayson/Jason Todd costume with the no pants. Thanks!

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    Black. Though there are tons of variations from artist to artist.
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    In publishing history, it was solid black right up through the 1960s. But that mask went all the way around his head. In the 1970s, artists started to draw the mask as if it was just stuck on his face with no string to hold it on there. And those artists would often draw it with highlights and the highlights were coloured green. But other artists (like George Perez) always drew it with no highlights, so it was a solid black.

    Personally, I think it's a dark green--but so dark that it's almost black. However when the light hits it, then you can see it's green.
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    Tim's original costume and Damians costumes have green masks, and I think the classic costume is sometimes drawn with green mask in modern comics.

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