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    Quote Originally Posted by Killerbee911 View Post
    Being Iconic and having fairly prolific comic franchise is relevant when people trying to put on praise DC for being "ahead" when they are bigger offender. And Yes it is a "slightly" valid excuse when you are putting out IP that clear better selling and are more known them getting around to Captain Marvel or Black Widow after putting out Hulk,Thor, Captain America, Ant man, Avengers, and Black Panther. Only Guardians of Galaxy is questionable choice of over Black Widow or Captain Marvel every one of the those other IP are stronger and it makes sense to put them out before female project hence the "slightly" valid reason. As mentioned Wonder Woman is arguably the 3rd best IP for DC they put out Green Lantern movie before Wonder Woman movie,Heck they put out Jonah Hex and John Constantine movie before a Wonder Woman movie. I am not letting Marvel off the hook for sucking I am just saying DC sucked worse in this race.

    No where in post did I even hint that DC shouldn't be putting out female hero movies. I am not just impressed by what DC is doing either I am not going to praise them more for doing equal crap job and DC has been sitting on this Birds of Prey project forever(it had script done) and as diverse as it took one of biggest female stars pushing like crazy to get it made .It would probably be sitting development without Margot Robbie. And Robbie's character leading the push is kinda crapping on the source material . When you combine Harley Quinn push,Lack of Batgirl/Oracle and Black Canary not looking like her traditional self(which irritates some fanboys) it is somewhat a shaky project imo. Both companies have don't have good records in discussion but only one of these companies own Wonder Woman and Batgirl the two female projects with name recognition and fairly large fanbase which should be sure shot hits and would have broken the stigma females movies not selling.

    I am glad they are putting out female lead superhero movies don't get me wrong,And every project makes it easier for the next one to come out and be successful. But I think praise either of the big 2 companies as doing "better" is silly.

    I agree with what your saying and my criticism is DC had the most stable female IP to prove the point wrong that female could sell and they didn't use it,They don't get credit imo for years later finally using an asset they should have used wayyyy before. I will give Fox actual credit because they at least tried with Electra with no proof that it would work.
    Wonder Woman was not considered a strong IP when the movie came out. She hadn't had a t.v. series since the Lynda Carter show and her comics had been declining in sales for decades. She was not a sure shot hit. There is no such thing when it comes to comic book movies. How does it make sense for Marvel to put out Antman and Guardians before a Black Widow movie that people have been wanting for years but DC is the worse because they weren't sure WW would be a hit? It isn't like she had a proven track record in mainstream media the way Superman and Batman had. She was as much a risk as anything else Marvel had done and they were the ones with the stronger brand. Calling DC worse than Marvel is nonsensical when the former actually did put out a female film first. Not to mention Carol's movie got delayed twice. One for BP, the other for Spider-man.

    So you'll give Fox credit for putting out a crappy Elektra movie but not the studio that put out the first critically and commercially successful female superhero film? Hell, why not give DC credit for Catwoman then given that was about as good as Elektra.
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