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    I would go back to Cassie's pre-new 52 origin of being a demigoddess daughter of Zeus, I kinda prefer her being a demi-goddess rather than a quarter-goddess. Zeus has lots of demigod childrens anyway.

    For a direction, I would have Cassie go to a private school where there are students who are also half-bloods (humans with a supernatural/mythical parentage - whether its divine, demonic, angelic, vampire, etc.) and teachers who are either hybrids or full supernaturals

    I think she should have a Anti-Villian/Villian who is a demigod daughter of Nemesis, she wanted to kill Cassie because there is a prophecy that a child of Zeus will kill the old gods with the Godkiller sword, and be replaced with a new generations of gods. Only to find out that the prophecy was fake, and that Zeus wants to get rid of the Godkiller sword because he sees it as a threat, and only he should be the ruler of Olympus.
    I've wanted something like this for a very long time. It's a really cool idea and can be explored more with Cassie. I also like Agent 86s idea personality wise.
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