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    Default Overtly Christian mainstream characters ?

    I'm curious, with the 227,000 signatures against, and the cancellation of the “Second Coming” -

    I'm not looking to discus the cancellation of that comic, there is an ongoing thread for that - .

    Although the premise is what makes me curious: My understanding of it is that the "superhero" Sun-Man is supposedly doing it right, while JC followers are supposedly doing it wrong, so JC had to come back to learn what he did wrong, from Sun-Man the proper "superhero".
    Lol, I can see why that would be offensive to some.

    What I'm wondering is what main stream, comic superheroes (if any), are doing it right, who express POSITIVELY some form of Christianity overtly?

    Please post pictures, panels, quotes etc of examples.

    To be specific, by mainstream I don't mean characters like Bibleman form company that is firstly religious.
    I mean popular mainstream characters from non religions mainstream comics, (who were for the most part designed to be heroes first), who just happen to also be or overtly express Christianity.
    In a positive way.

    I hope that difference is clear.

    I'm also curious are these (if any) characters popular with Christians, or not?
    What do they get right/wrong?
    Are they positive portrayals? Is there a conflict?
    Do you ever feel there is an appropriation of imagery or theme but with out content?
    How significant is it to the character, you liking it or not?
    I've noticed many christian themed heroes seem to focus on rejecting or questioning their faith as a part of empowerment. Thoughts?
    Or only use it ironically, or sometimes subverted, embrace or embody outright antithesis or devil/demonic imagery and themes?
    Or does it not make a difference?
    Specifically talking about the character here, not the religion itself. Or specify what it is exactly.
    Or even if you just want to post/celebrate any panels or imagery which displays it. (positive/negative?) describe?
    The same question to non Christians?

    Also not trying to exclude other religions or characters here, the same could be asked about any, and probably should, i'd be curious to see it.
    This thread is about christian characters specifically though.

    (FYI full disclosure I am not christian)

    Hope this thread is ok, and can be kept civil.
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