My first comic book in English. These are the first and the last page of my comic book Gemma Green (dark humor, horror). So, what are you thinking about it?

Page One (2 panels, each one covers half of a page)

Panel One: Young girl (early 20s) in her puritan style clothes

Gemma Green: Hi, my name is Gemma. Gemma Green. And I am the most powerful being in the entire comic universe.

Panel Two: Same girl half dressed puritan clothes, half modern clothes

Gemma Green: What? You canít believe in that. Ok, just go to the last page.

Last Page: (2 panels, one covers whole page and one tiny inside bigger one)

Panel One: Same girl fully dressed in modern clothes, sitting on the ground, smiling.

Gemma Green: So tell me, what other comic character can make you do this?

Panel Two: We see girlís face. She is smiling and winks.

Gemma Green: Now you are free to go to the second page and enjoy reading.