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Apparently Leah William’s original X-Tremists group was:

Emma Frost
Rachel Grey

But they were all spoken for.

Soooo...hope this means Monet has an important enough role in one of the AoXM titles to scoop her out of this team.
Here's my crack theory on Monet. We've already seen what happens to mutants when they are sent to the Danger Room, they are mindwiped from everyone else's memories and all imagery of them are replaced. Like what happened with Beast and Bishop:

And in Marvelous X-Men #1, we see iconic teams just with Nate replacing certain people. For the X-Factor one, Nate replaced Monet which makes me think that she's been sent to the Danger Room and Vita will write her. If that's true, I think Vita's the first black person to write for Monet and Bishop.