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    Quote Originally Posted by failo.legendkiller View Post
    Maybe cause they share the same spot? Isn't that enough?
    I understand you don't care about Tim, anyway you're here in a Tim topic.
    I really don't want to get into another Tim/Damian war discussion. So if you want to argue about it and be constructive you're welcome, otherwise look for Damian/Babs relationship in other places.

    I'm sorry if I'm rude but as I said many times before I'm tired of Damian fanbase coming in Tim thread just for criticize.

    This isn't a Tim appreciation thread. This is a thread about a new identity for Tim (and the discussion about who should be the Robin is inevitable). You don't need to be a fan or like Tim to comment in this thread.

    Now, some Tim's fans have also been hostile towards Damian in this thread too.

    If you don't like to see opinions against Tim, maybe you should stop to see this thread. As I said, this isn't an appreciation thread.
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