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I dunno. I can see an argument for either Jon or Conner to keep the Superboy name. But I can also see an argument for both changing it.

Jon has spent the last few years on his own, doing his own thing on his own terms, or whatever it is he's been up to. He might very well feel that he's aged beyond SuperBOY. Plus that line from Lobo about "you're a man when you decide you are" feels pretty telling. But at the same time he's Clark's son and the heir apparent to the Super-legacy. And if the Legion rumors are true it'd be stronger marketing to put a Superboy on that roster. Of course, SuperLAD works just as well within the context of the Legion and their naming practices.

Conner has always been a black sheep in the Super herd, and after being AWOL for so long he might feel that he too has grown beyond the Superboy name. But if Bendis is keeping the "doesnt grow older" plot device then it makes a lot of sense for Conner to keep Superboy as his moniker. Plus there's the larger media stuff out there, and while DC doesn't chase synergy like Marvel does they still like to line a few things up when they can.

I wouldn't be surprised if the YJ generation all went to new names. Bart is back as Impulse, Damian is well established and successful as Robin, and Jon's the new hotness as Superboy. Tim Drake had already left "Robin" partially behind him (not that Red Robin was a big step, or even a good name). And just like the NTT generation took up their own names, it'd be fitting for the YJ generation to do so as well. But if Bendis was going to change Tim from Robin, then why make him Robin again in the first place? And if Bart and Conner aren't going to keep Kid Flash and Superboy, why have Tim keep Robin?

I dunno. We'll see how it goes. I'm just happy the YJ kids are back, and while I'm still hesitant about Jon becoming a teenager, I'm interested in his "space prince" direction. Cosmic Superman is my jam and this is leaning really heavily into that sensibility, which pleases me.
Wouldn't the black sheep of the Superman here be Cir El?