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    Default Quasar vs. Atrocitus


    What happens when the Cosmic Avenger clashes with Atrocity Butcher?

    Battle: Quasar (Wendell Vaughn) vs. Atrocitus (Prime Earth)
    Location: Sector 2814 in Outer Space

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    I want to say it's more or less flip a coin?

    I am worried about Atrocitus' sheer damage output though. He is basically class 90/100 even without the Ring. Quasar can also shunt or absorb huge chunks of energy defensively but still, Red Rings excel at raw damage output versus other energy based constructs and defenses.

    Eh. Im not sure to be honest. May very well still be a coin flip, but I am shaky about it.
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    So the thing about the red vomit was that it tended to have very particular interactions with different parts of the spectrum. It chewed through yellow and green shields and was highly effective against black as well. It didn't work as well on Blue, but blue was being pushed a the most powerful color of the spectrum at the time and living up to the hype. The red stuff also seemed to have a strange rapid aging effect in solid matter outside of the spectrum.

    I haven't seen the red lanterns fight many non-Lanterns, but I also didn't read their title. So I'd say this probably comes down to how the red vomit interacts with the quantum constructs. If it eats through them like it does green, then I think Atrocitous probably has this. Otherwise Quasar has a shot if he can play keep away long enough to do finish a drain.

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