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    Default Venom #12 Spoilers

    This issue was one hell of a ride. Spoilers Below

    Issue begins with a 'memory' of Eddie waiting in a hospital. A girl named Mary (Eddie's Sister) greets him and brings him to the Cancer Ward to see his Uncle Dan dying. Eddie remembers a little about it, but not this severe.

    The Maker (Ultimate Mr. Fantastic) is operating on Eddie trying to figure out what's going on. Dylan (Eddie's Stepbrother) is concerned. The Maker says Eddie has cancer (He thinks). The Maker tells Dylan to leave the room. Separating Eddie from the Symbiote may likely kill him. As Dylan leaves the room, Eddie's Dad is fighting with the police looking for Dylan.

    More of Eddie's Memories. They're in a church. Mary tells Eddie this is where he was born. Eddie tells her this is the place where he was going to end his life. He lost everything and he was alone. Mary asks why this church? Eddie replies that he has cancer and he wanted to say good-bye to God. Mary tells him she's here to heal him.

    The Maker is nearly successful in removing the Symbiote from Eddie. This allows Eddie to think clearly and have his real memories returned to him.
    - There was never a Mary
    - There was never a sick uncle Dan.
    - Eddie never had cancer

    This was all the Symbiote's doing. Making him sick both mentally and physically. Eddie is upset and wanted to know why. The symbiote said it was lonely and scared it would be abandoned so it wanted to make Eddie dependent on it. Eddie demands to know why the Symbiote made him ill again. The symbiote was afraid it would be abandoned again if Eddie knew the truth about Dylan.

    Eddie regains consciousness and pleads with the Maker to be released. He needs to find Dylan. Last page shows Eddie's Father cornering a scared Dylan hiding in a closet.

    Dylan isn't Eddie's Stepbrother. Dylan is Eddie's Son.
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    That makes so much sense! If you read Jenkins' arc, "The Hunger," Eddie goes back and forth between wanting the symbiote and getting rid of it, and it's weird then but makes sense now! Cates is killing the game man!

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    so the symbiote is really mess up like really mess up! I guess Peter getting rid of it cause it to act this way? Wonder how this will impact their relationship afterward.

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    Awesome issue with twists that make perfect sense. Can’t wait to see what this all means and where it goes from here.

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    Quote Originally Posted by WebSlingWonder View Post
    Cates is killing the game man!
    Yeah, every issue of Venom is insane. And I'm continually impressed by how well thought out it is and how well Cates is able to spring huge surprises on the reader that are completely unexpected but yet make all the sense in the world.

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