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A year after it's release, No Man's Sky had 3 major content updates on it's way to it's 2.0 update. FFXIV was consistently dropping updates on it's way to 2.0, along with constant Letters from The Producer and forums where the devs would communicate with the players.

A year later and all Anthem has to show for it is radio silence, a roadmap that lead off a cliff and a handful of baby dick content updates. And some mystery 2.0 update that may or may not even still exist (if it ever existed to begin with).

Maybe they'll have something at E3, but who knows? Right now, it just seems like the lack of direction that was plaguing this game throughout it's development hasn't gotten any better.

EDIT: Bioware just dropped this. So it seems that a big update is indeed coming...eventually. Game's pretty much on maintenance mode for however long that takes.
So any bets when this guy decides to leave the company ?