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    Quote Originally Posted by Anthony W View Post
    On the upside it's only a matter of time before someone gets the bright idea to create an LMD of Ward. That will make for a fun villain or antihero once he realizes that the real Ward is dead and he is free to be his own person.
    Framework Ward is still 'there' in code-form, I think (although the Framework itself is shut down, last I recall). He seemed a decent enough person, unlike the actual Ward, and if Aida is any indication, or even the software LMD version of Coulson they've got up and running, as much a 'real person' as any of them.

    Just seeing him working alongside other SHIELD agents, completely unaware of his biological predecessors history with May, Fitz, etc. could be funny, if they run into each other and flip out on him.

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    I don't know about Fitz ever taking to new LMD framework Ward as easily as Daisy/Coulson did, as far as the characters are concerned, their "last" interaction was all the way in S2 and Fitz still bore a lot of animosity towards Ward. I see him keeping a wide berth to any resurrected versions of the character no matter how much unlike he is to the OG version.
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    That likely would not last too long, though, as LMD Ward's nature would become more and more apparent.

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